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We suggest you use technology the right way. We understand the need to socialize and learn new things and understand what is going on in the world. But, the need to improve yourself is much greater than becoming a gossip king or queen.

Scientists have proved that if you will take out at least 15-20 minutes to work your brain, you will notice how smart and more efficient you will become in your daily life. There are a lot of things you can do in your spare time but when you are free there is nothing to do now and you have your phone with you. We suggest you download some stress-busting and brain exercising games.

Number one on our list of the best games which is difficult and will give you pure joy is ELEVATE.


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Elevate has a rating if 4.5 stars on Google Play. It is the most played game throughout the world. It does not have many advertisements. It gives you a choice if you want to watch an advertisement to get more time or retry. The game allows you to train your brain. It is recommended by Google, it has 35+ further games to elevate your brain working. It has mathematical calculations, which are quick maths and mental maths. It has reading test games, enhancing vocabulary test and so on. Once you download it, you will enjoy it and will surely become smarter.

Play GameHurricane Rescue Simulator

Colour Switch:

best android games app 2020
This is another game that is on our list. It has different colors and different balls to pass through those colors. How it will help your brain is, this game is best for people with anxiety or OCD. The ball will only pass through the color when the color of the ball and the color of the ring is the same, else you will have to start from the beginning. This will help people with anxiety to calm them. It is also a good game for kids as it will help them learn the colors easily.


Puzzles are the best brain exercise. This will help you or your kid to train their brains. Tricky games help build memory, intelligence, and intellect. These puzzles usually have pictures of celebrities in the difficult levels and cartoons and other stuff on easy levels.

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PUBG Mobile:

best pubg mobile game
Player unknown battleground or PUBG is another game that was initially made for computer gamers but now an app is being made for people who do not have computers. In this game, you’re supposed to form teams with your playmates. This way you can plan the escape routes. You can strategize how to kill the opposite party and where to go to escape from the enemy. They have different characters wearing different clothes like Leather Jackets and different movie characters wearing Movie Jackets. They will bust the stress right out of you.

Wrestling games:

There are tons of wrestling games available who give you the opportunity to select your favorite wrestler from WWE Shop so you can be that in the game and fight through. You can be whatever your favorite wrestler you have and bust the ass of the other wrestler you don’t like. This will surely give you a chance to beat back all the frustrations you have built up throughout the day.


Kids, boys and even girls who like cars. The car racing games like GTA is your solace and salvation. You can race all the elite cars on the track all day and you will love the feels it will give you. All the above-mentioned games help busting stress, improving your vocabulary and intellectual skills. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

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