Are you ready for your city protection mission? So, now be ready for this mission. You are the rescue team member who has to save his city which is suffering from the flood. You can rescue your city and its people. The people are injured due to the flood and you have to protect them and save their life. Now, this is your duty to protect your city and its people’s life from this natural disaster. So, be the savior of the city and perform your duty effectively by playing Hurricane Rescue Simulator 2018.

Ready to protect the city?

A city that is very peaceful and beautiful. The people lived very happily but one day there is heavy rain in the city and it continues for several days. Everyone became worried because the rain did not stop and now It turned into a huge disaster. Although rain is the blessing. But the excess to anything becomes a disaster. So, it turned into a flood. Due to floods, everything is destroying the city’s peace, its beauty and its people are suffering due to floods. So, they need you and you have to rescue them with all your efficiencies. Now it’s time to start your mission by playing Hurricane Rescue Simulator 2018.

Ready for the Rescue Challenge?

Now, you can experience the thrill, adventure and sense of responsibility by performing this task. Due to the flood, the rough terrain city is totally swarmed and various activities are continuing, for instance, shoreline race, swimming race, and stream watercraft running. People are standing up to numerous difficulties and accidents on the shoreline and shoreline defend the lifeguard bunch is trying the security of hurt people. There is a brief need for a sparing helicopter, ensure the 911 crisis vehicle and shield convey for doing combating against shoreline attack. It ensures time and you are on an insurance strategic, oust clean from your swimming outfit, divert into a different form the float screen squad and extra people from getting choked in the remote sea.

Win the level by following these rules:

You have to perform the task by following the rules:

Be safe:

The whole city is filled with water and you have to drive carefully because first, you have to protect yourself then protect the city

Fast but careful Driving:

For the accomplishment of the mission, you have to drive fast and safe

A mission:

This water vehicle discharge crucial a praiseworthy water helicopter pilot test system 3D flight crash game to save the life of overwhelming people right now level fireman helicopters according to the news channels, there is an upsetting condition in the flood alleviation armed force salvage helicopter games, a submerged seismic tremor caused ocean water to outline tremendous risky tsunami waves right now water salvage vehicle test system. These extraordinary and powerful perilous wave waves flooded the paths of this rough terrain city helicopter salvage. This interesting water surfing preoccupation gives you the gutsiest ride, distinctive to other auto diversions.


  • Become one of the lightning genuine rainstorms warriors in the cutting edge
  • Experience the most outrageous vehicle driving ever
  • On-Screen directing haggle/brake controls
  • Drive ahead and race through each tempest
  • Beat the tornado storm and be in the salvage group.
  • Choose a diverse level to drive right now driving test system
  • Multiple salvage missions in various crisis situations
  • Easy UI for simple controls and route
  • Realistic emergency vehicle test system game with astonishing illustrations
  • Addictive and simple gameplay so you can spare lives however many as would be prudent
  • Amazing designs in a major city condition right now game

Be the Savior of your city:

So, be ready for this real-time experience of rescue missions. So, accomplish your mission with a great strategy. Complete your mission and win the level and be the champion of this game. So be the responsible rescue person to help the suffering patients it won’t be an easy task but you have to do this. You have to help the injured people of the city and save the remaining other people. So be ready to be the savior and rescue the city and be the hero of your city. So, don’t wait and write your own story with your own style.

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