Cell phone monitoring

Have you used phone monitoring software for combating kids’ digital issues?

Every kid uses an internet-enabled smartphone nowadays. But are all cyberspace information appropriate for kids? 

Children need parents’ guidance to bifurcate between right and wrong activities. Hence, it is your responsibility to monitor their online activities.   

Even child monitoring apps will help parents and kids in balancing their virtual lives.

There are several parental control software, but how will you pick the best one? This article will help you in understanding a kids safety application and how they will benefit children. So stay with us.

Criteria For Best Monitoring Applications:

We have taken into consideration the following criteria while selecting the top 10 software to help you choose the best:

  • Keeping a record of the child’s smartphone that includes call logs, whereabouts, applications, and much more.
  • Screen time is one of the most critical factors. We tried to bring such software that enables children to take a break from the device and go on a digital detox.
  • Filtering inappropriate apps or websites is another essential factor to protect teens.
  • Remote access to a kid’s device is sometimes required to ground the child, which is available in a few software.

Here’s a list of top 7 phone monitoring apps with different functionalities that will make your selection decision easy.

Top 7 Cell Phone Monitoring Software For Parents And Kids

  1. Bit Guardian Parental Control:

Bit Guardian Parental ControlIt is one of the top-rated parental controls that provide effective results for the child’s safety. This application has an easy installation process and a user-friendly system.

Parents can add any number of kids to manage their digital tasks simultaneously. Bit Guardian Parental Control offers various features that cover:

  • Panic and SOS alert to help kids during emergencies. Pick Me alert is also available to inform parents about the child’s location to pick up.
  • Additionally, the Panic tool enables adding a guardian as another responsible person so they can help your child if you are unable to reach.
  • Digital detox is easily attainable for children with Time Schedule and App Time Limit tools. 
  • Parents can activate the Time Schedule feature for setting the curfew hours on multiple applications for kids’ usage.
  • App Time Limit is another useful and customized tool that allows parents to make a group of similar applications and fix the timing for each group.
  • You can block the malicious applications on the child’s phone and even withhold new apps installations.
  • GPS tracker will help you to track teens’ real-time locations.
  • Anti-Theft is a useful feature in finding the misplaced or lost device.
  • Call blockers allow you to select the contact list (who can contact your kids) for your child and block the unidentified callers.
  • Remote access to a child’s device is easy with Kiosk Mode. It will let parents choose the number of applications to be used by a kid. A child will refrain from using any other app.
  1. Surfie:surfie app

  • It sends text alerts about teen’s online activities.
  • You can block gaming apps, instant messengers, and content.
  • Surfie has a keyword and phrase alert notifying parents about online predators or cyberbullies.
  • Various reports can be viewed regarding time spent by children on each app, websites they visited and apps they have used.
  • However, this software is inefficient in tracking children’s call records.
  1. Qustodio:Qustodio

  • It filters inappropriate content and block websites like pornography, gaming, or drugs.
  • The time limit of accessing the internet can be set with Qustodio. Either you choose to shut the web connection or lock the device of a child.
  • It helps you to track the contact list of kids and monitor their conversations on text messages or chat applications.
  • This software has a panic button facility to reach children in hours of trouble.
  • Despite having the routine functionalities, it lacks the keylogging factor. Here, internet filters do not function properly on mobiles.
  1. Net Nanny:Net Nanny Parental Control

  • This application is better for computer monitoring. However, cell phone controlling is done with profanity masking.
  • The profanity masking tool will replace swear words, online content, and messages and also won’t allow the child to type these words.
  • It has a specific pornography website blocker that blocks the rotating ads on the content.
  • Net Nanny cannot block other applications or the child’s contact list. It does not have features to track kids’ smartphones.
  1. Norton Family:Norton Family

  • Blocking harmful applications is easy with Norton Family software.
  • Parents can receive notifications when their kids view inappropriate content.
  • You can set the application access time for children. When the time of using apps gets over, it either shuts the entire device or disables the internet connection.
  • Its installation is a bit slower compared to other phone monitoring apps.
  • It does not log keystrokes or is unable to capture the screenshots.
  1. PhoneSheriff:PhoneSheriff

  • It has the ability to monitor multiple devices together.
  • PhoneSheriff supervises text messages and call logs of kids phone.
  • It has a built-in camera to capture screenshots along with photo editing tools.
  • It helps parents in checking app usage, browsing history, and the location of the child’s phone.
  1. ESET Parental Control:ESET Parental Control

  • This application is useful in predefined the time limit of multiple apps that a child wants to use.
  • Web Guard feature filters inappropriate websites and monitors their usage on kids’ phones.
  • GPS tracker follows kids whereabouts.
  • The SOS button is useful for a child facing a dangerous situation.


Child monitoring applications serve the purpose of maintaining equilibrium between real and virtual life of kids. 

Well, you can leverage the benefit of any of the software from the above-mentioned list. However, one that is highly appreciated in the parent’s community is the Bit Guardian Parental Control app because of the simple yet advanced feature list. It is a complete safety kit for your child’s digital security. Install it today!

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