Christmas caravanning

There is no better time to go caravanning than during the Christmas holiday. Away from the daily grind, time spent with family and friends, relaxing days on the beach, and a few cold bevvies – the ideal vacation season has here.

Whether you buy a new caravan or pick a used caravan for sale, Christmas caravanning is an Aussie favourite.

A Travelling Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas, there are some traditions that you don’t want to change. A Christmas tree becomes mandatory, so does the decoration of it. Whether you have a new caravan or used, a Christmas tree creates the perfect festive ambience.

Search for a good-looking branch or a natural piece to decorate. You can even try making something out of recycling materials. Maybe if you chat with other fellow travellers, you might be surprised to find someone happy to lend you a tree and even the deco.

Spike up the festive feel with tinsel and fairy lights and turn your new caravan into an experience of a lifetime.

Get Food-Venturous

Discuss with your gang their likes and dislikes and come up with a Christmas feast menu that’s simple to cook yet feels special. You may google recipes that can be cooked on your stovetop, oven or barbeque. But before you fire up your grill, make sure you check fire bans in your camp area.

Ditch the usuals and go for some specials like kebabs, cocktails and anything creative you can come up with. If you have an ocean or a river near your camping area, why not set your inner fisherman free and catch some fresh fish?

Also, once you stack up your fridge with plenty of ice, fruits and drinks, you’re almost ready to whip up your three-course Christmas caravanning feast!

For those who hate cooking, you could always book a table at the local dine-in or pub and relieve yourself of a great deal of stress. You might need to book early as there would be many others who don’t like cooking.

Connect with Other Fellow Souls

Caravanning is a favourite of many intrepid Aussies. We don’t see any reason why we can’t just pack up and go caravanning. And we’re not alone.

Travellers keep meeting up with fellow travellers along the way and you might even see familiar faces. If you’re heading to an unknown territory, find out if others are going your way and you can keep in touch with them while on the road.

If you’ve headed out to buy a new caravan, you can also think of joining a traveller’s club or network. Being a part of it means you learn the ropes and pick up a few pointers while meeting with others. There are plenty of social media groups you can join dedicated to travelling.

While camping out during Christmas, you may reach out to other campers and travellers staying near you. Put out a call in social media chats, organise a time and location with BYO food, drinks and chairs. What a great way to connect and share the christmas spirit.

Jingle up your Caravan

The decorations for Christmas wouldn’t be complete without them. In your new caravan, tinsel the tree, hang a few ornaments, bow the small gifts, and turn on some Santa music.

When travelling, you have a restricted amount of room and cannot transport decorations. There are other choices, though. There are lots of seasonal goods at the neighbourhood stores if you search around. You can purchase some and afterwards donate them back.

Additionally, you may promote recycling by asking friends or family for some décor supplies. We don’t want discarded holiday decorations to overflow our landfills.

Line your caravan sides and windshield with fairy lights, decorate a small Christmas tree, hang some colourful stockings, and make sure this year’s celebration is your best yet.

caravanning christmas

The Road Less Travelled

Life isn’t meant to be lived on a tar road with markers, checking off milestones as you go. The missed exits are not really missed exits. Your greatest adventure won’t arise out of a straight narrow path.

Caravanning is both a challenging and rewarding experience. You should be able to expect anything. If you tackle it with humor and a “can-do” attitude, you will have hit a home run.

You’d be surprised at how many individuals spend the holidays travelling by caravan with their friends and loved ones. Vacations in a caravan bring people together. Enjoy the holiday season with the people you care about most and go on an unforgettable experience.

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