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Exchanging gifts is a kind gesture. Exchange of gifts increases the love and passion among friends, relatives, and someone special. In this advanced era, when you think of presents, there are thousands of options available to you. You can avail of cheaper and expensive window boxes from the market near your home. But remember that the presentation of gifts is much essential. An excellent introduction of even a simple award can enhance its look and love ten times more than merely giving the gift. It’s the gift presentation that shows your passion and also attention to detail that you put in packaging that gift for your loved one. You can find some fantastic yet excellent gift wrapping and presentation ideas on the internet. But the hand- made custom window boxes packaging are more admirable and appealing. Here we are going to share some fantastic tips regarding creating your gift box in a natural way. Let us have a look upon how can you make a gift box using a window packaging:

Measure your gift size

The first and foremost step is to decide what size of the packaging box you need. If the gift you purchased is more significant, you need a more substantial gift box and vice versa. Keep one thing clear in your mind that the size of your gift box should be enough to fit the gift in the box quite easily. Furthermore, avoid making the larger gift boxes. The best way to judge the gift box size is to measure your gift size. Measure the dimensions of gift in a way you want to pack. For instance, if your donation measures 15” long and 12” more full, you need to make a gift box whose length is 16,” and width is 13”. Thus the exact size of the gift box will make your display attractive.

The shape of the gift box

You can create any gift box of any form like square, rectangular, etc. You can choose the way of the gift box according to the size and shape of your gift. It is suggested to choose the shape according to your gift. First of all, analyze and measure your gift sides accurately. Then think about the shape so the gift can fit perfectly into that box.

Choose color scheme

You should choose the color scheme of your gift box according to the choice of the gift receiver. If you are unknown to the choice of the gift receiver, choose an attractive color. Try to use two or three colors, at least while making a packaging box. The color scheme you choose will leave an impression of good choice and artistic nature upon the gift receiver.

Use cardboard

The custom window box packaging made by cardboard is durable and easy to decorate. You can put any kind of gift lighter or heavier in the gift box made by cardboard. Cardboard are easy to cut and attach. Let us see a method of making easy and quick window square-shaped gift box of 16 inches:

  • Cut cardboard of 16 inches length and width. It will be the bottom of your gift box.
  • Cut another square shape from the cardboard of the same size. It will be the top of your gift box.
  • Take the top square and cut it in such a way that a square shape window will appear. Thus, just by having a look upon your gift box, anyone can see the gift from outside.
  • For adjacent sides, cut down the strips by measuring the square shape top and bottom.
  • Join all the cut parts by using glue to give the shape of the box.

Decorate the window gift box 

  • In the market, there are numerous options available for wrapping papers. Numerous wrapping papers with captions written on happy birthday, best wishes, happy Christmas, etc. are available. You can choose from a wide variety of wrapping papers depending upon the gift exchanging events. It is your choice either you wrap the gift box after making it, or you wrap all parts first and then join those parts with glue to shape it as a box.
  • If you are making a gift box for your brother, sister, mother, father, or friends, you know very well about their likes and dislikes. Some persons like simplicity, and each possession of them reflect that simplicity. So you can soberly decorate their gift box. On the other hand, some persons admire artistic work, so you can decorate their gift boxes with beads, ribbons, and stones.
  • When you choose to decorate your gift box, the two things are necessary to add. One, you should use ribbon, and the other one is a greeting card. Ribbons make a simple gift box attractive, and people of all ages can like such a gift box.

Keeping the above-mentioned points into consideration, you can make a decent gift box package. You don’t need any specific tools or things to make your gift box ready. You only need some simple tools, box and accessories that are easily available at home.

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