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Exchanging presents is a kind gesture. The exchange of presents fosters love and passion among friends, families, and someone special. When it comes to gifts in this day and age, you have dozens of alternatives. You may get both inexpensive and pricey window boxes from the store near your house. But keep in mind that the presentation of presents is crucial. A good introduction of even a basic prize may increase its appeal and affection ten times more than just providing the item. The gift presentation demonstrates your enthusiasm as well as the attention to detail that you put into wrapping that gift for your loved one. You may get some spectacular and excellent gift wrapping and presentation ideas on the internet. But the hand-made custom window box packaging is more admirable and appealing. Here we are going to share some fantastic tips regarding creating your gift box in a natural way. Let us have a look at how can you make a gift box using window packaging:

Measure your gift size

The first and foremost step is to decide what size of packaging box you need. If the present is more significant, you’ll require a larger gift box, and vice versa. Keep in mind that the size of the present box should be large enough to readily accommodate the item. Also, avoid building bigger gift boxes. The easiest technique to determine the size of the present box is to measure the size of the item. Measure the dimensions of the present in the manner in which you wish to pack it. For example, if your donation is 15″ long and 12″ deep, you’ll need to create a gift box with a length of 16″ and a width of 13″. As a result, the precise size of the present box will enhance the appeal of your display.

The shape of the gift box

You may make whatever shape of the present box you like, such as squares or rectangles. You may customise the gift box to fit the size and form of your present. It is recommended that you select the form based on your gift. First and foremost, carefully analyze and measure your present sides. Then consider the form so that the present will fit neatly inside that box.

Choose colour scheme

The colour palette of your present box should be determined by the gift receiver’s preferences. Choose an appealing colour if you are unsure about the present receiver’s preferences. At the very least, try to utilise two or three colours when constructing a packing box. The colour scheme you select will leave the present recipient with the impression of good taste and artistic ability.

Use cardboard

The custom window box packaging made of cardboard is durable and easy to decorate. You may place any type of present, light or heavy, in the cardboard gift box. Cardboard is simple to cut and affix. Let us look at how to make a simple and quick 16-inch window square-shaped gift box:

  • Cut cardboard of 16 inches in length and width. It will be at the bottom of your gift box.
  • Cut another square shape from the cardboard of the same size. It will be at the top of your gift box.
  • Take the top square and cut it in such a way that a square shape window will appear. Thus, just by having a look at your gift box, anyone can see the gift from the outside.
  • For adjacent sides, cut down the strips by measuring the square shape top and bottom.
  • Join all the cut parts by using glue to give the shape of the box.

Decorate the window gift box 

  • There are several possibilities for wrapping papers on the market. There are several wrapping papers available with captions such as happy birthday, best wishes, Merry Christmas, and so on. Depending on the occasion, you can pick from a broad range of wrapping papers. It is your decision whether to wrap the present box after it has been made or to wrap all sections beforehand and then glue them together to form a box.
  • If you’re putting together a gift box for your sibling, sister, mother, father, or pals, you already know what they enjoy and dislike. Some people like simplicity and their possessions reflect that simplicity. So you may adorn their present box in a more sombre manner. Some people, on the other hand, like creative work, so you may embellish their present boxes with beads, ribbons, and stones.
  • When you select to design your gift box, you must include the following two items. You should use a ribbon for one, and a greeting card for the other. Ribbons provide interest to a simple present box, which appeals to individuals of all ages.

Keeping the aforementioned criteria in mind, you may create a suitable gift box package. There are no special equipment or materials required to prepare your gift box. You simply need a few simple tools, a box, and some accessories that you probably already have at home.


Because they allow the receiver to see the present inside without having to open it, custom window boxes are an excellent choice for gift packing. These boxes are frequently made of high-quality materials such as cardboard or paperboard and can be customized to meet the exact measurements of the present. Personalizing the present with bespoke branding or design features may make it seem even more special. Window boxes may also be used for promotional or retail packaging since they provide an appealing method to display items while protecting them.

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