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A foot pump is an important part of any vehicle, especially cars. It inflates the tires whenever required; it pumps air into the tires, making them firm and sturdy.

 Not only does it make your tire firm, but it also makes driving safer as the tire becomes more stable on rough roads. 

During emergencies like heavy rain or sudden flat tire, there are not enough service stations around that can provide us with this facility at that moment. 

By carrying yourself, you save yourself from all of these troubles. Also, there are various types of best foot pumps for cars and bikes available, depending upon your need.

Different types of foot pumps are available for your vehicle; you need to determine which one will be most useful for you. 

  1. The first type is an electric air pump that is low on maintenance, but very few models are available under this category. 
  2. The second type of foot pump is a manual air pump that can inflate small tires and comes with a pressure gauge. 
  3. The third type of foot pump is the compressor which uses electricity or diesel to generate compressed air. However, they are very heavy and unwieldy.

How do you choose a foot pump for cars and bikes in India?

how to choose foot pump

When buying a foot pump, consider the following things before you invest in any of these car accessories:

-Frequency of use: 

 If you have a vehicle at home and use it regularly, buy an electric air pump or compressor; otherwise, go for a manual foot pump.

-Size of the tire:

 If your car tire is larger, only go for the compressors; otherwise, any foot pump can inflate small car tires. The small air pumps are very handy and can be carried anywhere.

-Power source: 

Cars should carry an electric air pump because it is very useful during emergencies like heavy rain or flat tire, requiring you to inflate the tires quickly. These pumps come with a pressure gauge so that you know when to stop pumping to maintain the right pressure in the tire.


 When buying a foot pump for a car and bike in India, one should always go for a reliable brand so that you do not have to pay for it repeatedly or face any trouble with its usage.


Foot pumps are an essential accessory for your vehicle, so you should not compromise on their quality. Ensure that the pump you buy is made up of high-quality material and will last long.


The cost of the foot pump for cars and bikes in India depends on the brand, size, quality and frequency of usage.

-Whether you are buying online or offline: 

You can buy a foot pump for a car and bike in India from an offline store or an online portal. Whichever option you choose, make sure that you purchase it from a reliable store.


 There are various types of foot pumps available for your vehicle in the market. Before buying one, make sure that it fulfills all your requirements and has some common features like a pressure gauge.

Foot pumps are very useful for cars and bikes because there may be many situations where you may need air in the tires, like heavy rain, sudden flat tires etc. Service stations are not available at all times, so carrying yourself can be very useful during such situations. There are different types of foot pumps available; one should ensure which type suits their purpose and buy it accordingly. Electric air pumps are suitable for cars as they can be used in emergencies and come with a pressure gauge. Compressors also come with the same facility but are very heavy.

Where should I buy a car foot pump online in India?

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