Mosquitoes kill with the best of them. And because it is an open secret that mosquitoes are invading every nook and cranny of our homes. Indian families have become more vigilant in installing mosquito killers. To make their homes livable. But fear, not mosquitoes. Here is a blog post on India’s best indoor electronic mosquito killer to help you find one for your home.

Mosquito killers available in the market are nothing but mass-produced products. It perform well in performance testing, but fail miserably in reliability. There is no need to waste your hard-earned money on such a product.  When many options are available at a small price.

There are so many indoor electronic mosquito repellents in India. And it isn’t easy to choose one over the other. Many mechanical mosquito killer manufacturers have recently launched repulsive repellent. While others have also added new features to their existing ones. So before buying one of these repellent boxes. Check out this review on the best electronic indoor mosquito killer reviews. The blogger reviews all these devices and gives his unbiased opinion on them.

What is an Indoor Electronic Mosquito Killer? 

Mosquito killers are electrical products that use high-frequency waves. Moreover to disturb the buzzing of a mosquito. And make it unable to land or bite. It creates a static charge in the air. It can help to repel mosquitoes from landing and biting people. The two main components of an Best Indoor Electronic Mosquito Killer In India device for mosquitoes.

(a) a high-frequency wave generator and (b) a wave detector.

The high-frequency wave generator produces a frequency between 40 kHz and 100 kHz. The same range used by the human ear for hearing. Usually programmed using advanced computer software. A particular frequency generator produces waves with minimal amplitude generated. May at different output frequencies, depending on what parameters it programs with.

How does it work?

Electronic mosquito repellents use a device that emits sounds. Similar to a mosquito chirp or buzz. This sound must not be too disturbing as you might never want to leave. The spot where you have installed this repellent. Many electronic indoor mosquito killers use a 3D sound signal generator. That gives off chirps and buzzes, specially designed to simulate a mosquito’s call. So that you feel like being outdoors. So when you hear the 3D sound of mosquitoes buzzing around your room. It will make you uncomfortable and make the insects leave your home.

Buying guide to choosing:

  1. Price: Lower price does not mean lower quality. You need to compare the features that a repellent provides. Its durability, and Best Indoor Electronic Mosquito Killer In India performance in reliability against the price of the repellent. Look for devices with a good warranty and customer care service. So that you do not face any problems if something goes wrong with the device.
  2. Design: Find a solution that looks aesthetically pleasing. And does not obstruct your vision during the day or night. If you are using it near your bed or sofa. Then be sure to find one that has a design that minimises its sound frequency. Some people can hear this sound even when they are sleeping.
  3. Environment: If you want to use the device in a crowded area. Moreover, find one that produces less sound so that it does not disturb your neighbours. Also, if you plan to use it indoors, there is no need to worry about any other environmental factors. All the devices mentioned in this article are designed for indoor use only. Find one with minimum plastic components in its design. Some such repellent boxes can be pretty heavy and may pull down your ceiling fan.

More tips:

  1. Safety: Find one with no power switches, no sharp edges, is waterproof, and has high durability. Ensure the wiring and AC adaptor are correctly installed in the device. To reach you safely and quickly. So look for a device that does not have any such plastic components or wires. That can be hazardous for humans or children, even when it is off.
  2. Warranty: Most of these repellents come with a warranty period of 1 year or more. But you can ask for an extended warranty from the dealers if required. You need to contact their customer care service as many times as possible. During this period to see if there is any problem with your device.
  3. Maintenance: Find a repellent that requires less maintenance. So first, find out if the repellent requires regular cleaning. Then compare it with other repellents available in the market. That requires regular cleaning every few months or even once a month. Of course, you need to clean your device after using it. To remove any dust present in its inner parts. And other nooks and corners of the device. Also, check if the warranty covers free servicing from time to time. Whereas to see if there is an issue with your device.
  4. Warranty: Before buying a mosquito killer, check what type of protection the manufacturer provides. Most companies offer a one to two years warranty period. Whereas it will cover damage caused to the device by not following instructions provided by the manufacturer. Many companies offer additional extended warranty service, so you can buy this when buying your machine.
  5. Customer Care Service: The best way to contact the company is through social media. Because most such companies have online communities. Whereas you can give your feedback and complaints regarding the product and its performance. Look for a mosquito repellent box that is responsive. And has good customer care service by selecting one that has good ratings on sites.

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Final words

Electronic mosquito killers provide an effective way to keep mosquitoes away from your room or house. You can keep the device near your bed or sofa. Or even in other home areas where mosquitoes are likely to be present. It is recommended that you use it for about 2 weeks without cleaning it.

You can observe the benefits of its repellency gradually. After which you can clean it. By removing any dust and dirt stuck in its inner walls with a soft cloth. So get ready to repel mosquitoes effectively. With our list of some best indoor electronic mosquito killers available worldwide. Moreover which will keep them green and away from your house.

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