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Getting your bathroom redo by your own is not very easy. Even if you have design skills, you cannot do this detailed task on your own. You need to collaborate with a lot of professionals and technical people to renovate your single bathroom. You can consult with Bathroom Remodel contractors in Denver.

When renovating the bathroom, the most important thing is to plan ahead of time. If your bathroom is too old and you’ve decided to replace it and install the new one, you have two options: you can hire bathroom remodel contractors or you may project manage your own bathroom restoration.

Even if you hire a bathroom remodeling company, it’s usually a simpler process for you. If you don’t have the time, skills, or knowledge to put together a bathroom. Most companies will complete your bathroom renovation in two to four weeks. That saves your time and they provide a guarantee of their work and the quality of the products.

How Do Bathroom Remodel Contractors in Denver Work?

The contractors give you a quote for bathroom renovation. When it comes to bathroom design, there are no hard and fast rules to follow, but there are some useful guidelines to keep in mind. The placement of your high-cost goods such as your toilet seat, shower, bath, and vanity will be heavily influenced by the theme of walls, windows, and door openings. 

The contractors help you to design a layout and design your new bathroom according to your space and budget. The contractor may ask you many questions to understand your needs, demand, usage, and taste for your bathroom remodeling.

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Here are the main steps that your contractor follows to remodel your old bathroom in Denver;

  •         Planning your bathroom’s layout and work schedule is the most crucial step for bathroom renovation. The contractors at Studio Design LLC. can remodel your bathroom and convert it into a completely new design.
  •         Remodeling starts with removing the old bathroom fittings and suites. The layout is changed and a new construction process starts to make the new layout in your bathroom.
  •         The third step is to install electrical wiring in your bathroom. The power supply outlets and their wiring are done according to the design of your new bathroom. That means where you need lights and a power supply.
  •         You’ll need a combination of general and special task lighting. Consider track lighting, central lighting, or recessed ceiling downlights. task lighting for locations such as the mirrored cabinet where you’ll be shaving or applying makeup, as well as more atmospheric accent lighting, such as a beautiful feature light A strong light immediately over your head, such as a sunken ceiling, is an absolute no-no for the mirror. All this lighting needs proper electrical wiring that is designed by the contractor team according to the layout of your new bathroom.
  •  The fourth step is to do the plumbing in your new bathroom. The plumbing includes the installation of drainage and necessary connections according to the new design of your bathroom. Professional plumbers also make sure to avoid any type of leakage or blockage in your new bathroom.
  •  The next step is choosing tile designs for walls and flooring. The bathroom remodeling contractors in Denver work tirelessly to give your bathroom a new look. If you have any ideas or dream designs for your bathroom, you can discuss them with your bathroom renovation contractors. The contractors and their team of designers have vast experience and know what is new in the market. You can get luxury looking design for your bathroom within your budget without putting any effort in if you hire contractors for your bathroom remodeling.
  • One of the most common mistakes in any bathroom makeover is improper waterproofing installation. It is a membrane that is applied to walls and floors to prevent water from penetrating those areas. If you don’t install waterproofing appropriately, it can be disastrous, especially if you’re renovating an apartment on the top levels of a building. Waterproofing is not a do-it-yourself project. Because a waterproofing certificate is required, you should always utilize a licensed waterproofer. The contractor’s team arranged this facility also. They make sure your bathroom has the perfect waterproofing with a warranty.
  • The installation of the right fittings and fixtures is also done by your bathroom remodeling team. The bathroom remodeling contractors help you to get modern and elegant fittings that are of great quality and that complement your overall bathroom look.
  • The cupboard stands, or shelves are also installed according to the design of your new bathroom. Finding good bathroom cabinets in Denver is also a hectic task. But the contractors who are renovating your bathroom will be helpful in getting decent, stylish, and practical cabinets for your bathroom in Denver,
  • After the final finishing, the contractors’ team asks you to check everything in your new bathroom to check the functionality and ease while using it.
  • The carpentry fitting stage is the last step in the bathroom renovation process. A carpenter will install your soap dish, towel rails, toilet roll holder, and mirror, in addition to reattaching the new or renovated door and window architraves.

Most bathroom renovators and remodelers just renovate the exterior look of your bathroom. That is, they alter your bathroom’s color scheme, fixtures, fittings, or tiles. However, if you want to change the layout and decor of your bathroom, a full makeover is required. Studio Design LLC has a skilled team that will assist you in converting your dream of upgrading your bathroom into reality.


Bathroom remodeling into a stylish and luxurious-looking bathroom is a dream of everyone. But not all people can renovate their bathrooms according to their desires. Sometimes your budget is so tight, or in some cases, you do not have time to complete this project. So, hiring a good contractor for bathroom remodeling is the best solution. Debbie Davis designers and contractors at Studio Design LLC. are the one-stop solutions for getting your full home renovation. They are professional in their work and remodel your kitchen and bathrooms according to your needs, budget, and latest trends.



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