Bamboo Pillows

When was the last time you changed your pillow? You probably don’t even remember. It doesn’t occur to you to change the pillows. You feel like using your old pillow always because you feel comfortable in it, you feel like that there is no other pillow that can provide you the same comfort as your OWN pillow! Pillows are not just a thing but a feeling. We become attached to our pillows so much that we don’t change that pillow for years. We think that the older the pillow the more comforting it will be, but it is not true. After some years the pillow stops providing the support it should provide.

Change is a very difficult part of life but is inevitable, and sometimes change is for good.

As a general rule of thumb, you should change pillow ever 1-2 years. This will ensure a good quality sleep abd a healthy Lifestyle.

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Why you should replace your pillows?

This question might be on your mind when you started reading this question, but why not!?

Pillows are not meant to last forever but still finding reasons then here are some important points that will make you change your pillows:

  • Promotes Hygiene: Your swat, body oils, saliva and dead skin cells are all absorbed by your pillows. All these give a breeding conditions to mould, mildew and other allergens. Even washing them doesn’t get it rid from allergens.
  • Reduces pain: After a certain period of time, pillows lose their firmness and doesn’t provide you support. This in turn makes it painful to sleep. And bamboo pillow provide confront & it is good for the neck pain.

Know when to replace a pillow:

  1. If you wake up with a stiff neck.
  2. Your shoulder muscles don’t feel relaxed.
  3. If you have severe headache while sleeping
  4. Allergic reactions
  5. Yellow spots on your pillow despite washing.

The lifespan of your pillow also depends upon the type of fillings

If you are using Sleepsia Shredded memory foam pillows, then they will surely last around 4 years or sometimes even more if taken care of properly. Yes, 4 or more years, believe it or not, these pillows laat much longer than your average pillows.

How to know if your Shredded Memory Foam pillow is worn out:

Apart from above mentioned points, here’s another point specifically for Memory Foam Pillows: If your pillow doesn’t pop back to its original shape and size after folding it in half then it is a clear indicator that it needs to be replaced.


Everyone is on a journey to have a better living and for a better lifestyle, you need to give attention to the details too.

Normal pillows last for 1 year and at most 2 years, but Sleepsia Shredded Memory Foam Pillows last as double longer and are a great addition to your better living.




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