Internet safety

Internet safety

Internet safety is quite important because of the fact that we have many shady characters lurking around. Not only do they invade our privacy, but they also leave us unprotected at many instants. However, staying offline is not the solution to ensure your internet safety. You have to find out ways that make you safe on the web.

Many hackers are working day and night to look for a susceptible connection. The minute they have their eyes on you – you’re gone. Hence, you have to do something to ensure internet safety before they find you! If you use spectrum internet, you will be safe from any threats when it comes to security from the ISP.

We have come up with a few ways to keep you mindful of your internet safety. Follow these simple steps and make sure that you do not fall for any suspicious activity.

Never share personal information

It’s a must that you should never share your passwords, addresses, account information with anyone online or offline. Moreover, other information such as your marital status, home address, or other details can be used to answer security questions. Surprising? Well, it is. But those who hack your networks are not idiots. They can employ different means to breach your security!

Make sure that the links are safe to open

You get many Emails from different people every day. It can be from prospective customers, clients, or anyone else. A number of times, they are from spammers. You can’t ideally differentiate between a spam email and a normal one – unless, of course, you open it. The best bet is to ensure internet safety before you finally click the link.

One way to ensure the safety of the link is by hovering a mouse over it. If you move the cursor to the link, and it shows a preview that exactly matches the one with the company name, you are safe. For instance, google out the company name, and check if the website email address is similar to the one that you got in the email.

If you receive an email that asks you to log in, leave it there. It would be far better to sign up from the official site.

Do not use unsafe WiFi networks

If you are at a new place and looking for a WiFi connection, it is safest to ask a relevant person about it. Open WiFi networks are seldom safe, and there is a fair chance that they are there to exploit you.

You must never use the unsecured public WiFi network. It’s rather safe to use your personal data connection.

Use a Virtual Private Network

A VPN is a network that securely connects your device with an internet connection. In this way, no one will be able to monitor your online activity, and it may be hard for hackers to determine your exact location on the web.

The online disadvantage of using a VPN is that you might suffer from slower internet speeds. However, if you have a really good internet connection such as Spectrum internet, it won’t be a problem.

Log into sites that begin with https://

Internet safety requires some very basic knowledge of the internet that most of the users lack. This is the reason why we are more prone to hacker attacks. What you have to look for in a URL is its beginning. If it begins with HTTPS://, it’s safe to use!

Additionally, you can look for a lock symbol before the email address appears. If the link shows it – visit the website. Otherwise, internet safety can be jeopardized if you roam around the webpage.

Keep your wireless connection turned off

Wireless connections include Bluetooth and WiFi. Make sure that you turn them off while you do somewhere out – or not using. It may happen that you connect to a connection without you even realizing it.

A lot of cyberattacks take place where the hackers are able to exploit the vulnerability in your Bluetooth device. In this way, not only does he gain access to your device, but he listens to your communications as well.

Use Antivirus Software

Internet safety pretty much requires antivirus or antimalware software that ensures it. You can easily find affordable or free antivirus software for your company. However, paying a little for your antivirus is never a waste of money.

Additionally, if you are using antivirus software, make sure to keep it updated.

Use complex alphanumeric passwords

We come across a number of warnings that emphasize the importance of using strong passwords. Spectrum internet does filter out some vulnerable sites for you, but you still need to be safe on your side. Make sure to use a password that does not contain your name or any other information. These are easier to guess areas and are more susceptible to a cyber attack.

A mix of alphabets and numbers – mostly random ones are safer and reliable when it comes to internet safety.

Keep backup of your data

Backups are important – not only for cyber threats but for functional errors as well. Your computer device can get out of function at any time. You can guarantee the performance of a machine. Hence, it is important that you keep your data on a cloud server. It is not on any device or computer but is stored in an online drive. Hence, even if your computer gets infected with malware, and you have to delete all the data, you will have a backup.

The Verdict

All the parameters mentioned above are pretty basic. They are not very refined – but something that everyone must employ. It is imperative that you do not trust anyone when it comes to safety. Keep all the data under strict personal supervision to make sure that nobody is exploiting it.

In addition to this, you must use a safe internet connection that you are sure of. Sometimes, you might have to pay for the vulnerability of your ISP’s connection. Therefore, using connections like spectrum internet is always the best bet.

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