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Banks are gradually abandoning cash back cash. Financial organizations accrue points to customers who propose spending in the catalog on affiliate products. On the one hand, it is beneficial: you can pay part of the price of an air ticket, a technician at or insurance from . On the other hand, it is more pleasant to receive a monetary reward. However, only 3 leading banks left a full ruble cashback . “I will” talks about cards with cashback that will bring the greatest benefit.

In early February,  Post Bank announced the merger of bonus accounts and loyalty programs. Mail Bank customers were connected to the VTB Multibonus program, and the financial institution switched from cash cashback to bonus rewards. VTB and HSBC bank previously also moved away from the ruble cashback.

Now, cashback in dollars among the largest financial institutions is credited by TD Bank, Capital one  and HSBC bank . In July 2019, mybankdetail wrote why banks refuse cash cashback . Financial institutions are massively transferring customers to bonuses.

  1. Some banks convert remuneration into real money in a mobile application. Promsvyazbank has this option on  the “Your cashback” card .
  2. Bonuses can be accumulated and spent in the bank’s catalog. For example, pay VTB Multi-card points in the sections “Travel”, “Gifts”, “Home”, “Technique”. The USAn Standard Bank has a “store”.
  3. If you issue a card with a special rate, for example, accruing miles, you can pay with bonuses air and train tickets, hotel reservations.

We have collected the best cards with bonuses and cashback to help you with a choice.

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Best debit cards of 2019

In 2019, developed 35 debit card ratings , based on which we created the TOP of the best products of the last year . The rating “I will” is non-advertising and non-commercial material, these are the best rates according to the version of the portal staff. We hope that TOP will help you choose the best bank card.

Comparing tariffs, we took into account the size and conditions of cashback, the cost of servicing the card, the conditions for calculating interest on the balance, USAA routing Number the reliability of the financial institution and additional bonuses for customers. Check out the full version of the rating here.

Map ” Tinkoff Black ” becomes the best in 2019 according to “”. This is the flagship product of Tinkoff Bank with double income, transfer of up to 266 dollars to cards of other banks without a commission, free cash withdrawal from 54 dollars at any ATM.

  • up to 5% on the balance of own funds per month, if the card stores up to 300,000 dollars;
  • cashback up to 30% for purchases from partners of the bank;
  • cashback up to 5% in selected categories;
  • 1% cashback for any expenses;
  • up to 7987 dollars per month can be withdrawn without commission;
  • 40 currency accounts in the mobile application.

The TD Map with Benefits is on the second line. This is an TD Bank debit card with the possibility of free servicing, interest on the balance on the TD-account and cashback.

  • up to 2% cashback with the amount of spending from 932 dollars per month; 1.5% – for spending more than 133 dollars;
  • 1% on the balance for purchases of more than 133 dollars per month; 6% – for expenses from 932 dollars;
  • up to 6% on the balance of the TD account;
  • free cash withdrawal and replenishment at any ATM;
  • can make a salary.

Closes the three leaders of Wells Fargo bank. Double-income card with completely free service . The card can be activated at any convenient time by paying for a purchase from 100 dollars.

  • up to 5.5% on the balance of the account “Wells Fargo bank”;
  • cashback up to 11% in selected categories, 3% for any purchases;
  • transfers without commission to cards of another bank and free replenishment from “strangers”;
  • for several Opencard you can create a single bonus account.

What other cards are in the TOP?

The rating also includes “Multicard” VTB , “Benefits”, “Home Credit Bank”, via Visa  JPMorgan Chase  “Citigroup, “Citigroup Money Weekend” Citigroup, a debit card “American Credit”, “gamer card” “Post Bank”, “Universal” card of SKB-Bank , “ Visa Gold smart card” of Gazprombank, “MasterCard World Black Edition” of JPMorgan Chase.

The best cards of the year 2019 were also “Bought-Saved” by Bank of America , “Card No. 1 Ultra ” of “Bank Of America” and “Universal MIR” “Center-Invest”.

How did we create the rating?

In 2019, created 9 ratings of debit cards with cashback, 6 TOP- cards of accumulative cards, 3 ratings of cards for travelers, 2 TOPs of free, gaming, premium, pension, co-brand and  MIR cards. We also developed card ratings for fans, shopaholics, children’s, cars and  gift cards. Based on these ratings, we created the final TOP of the best products of 2019, which included the offers of the largest banks in USA.

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