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A holiday or a vacation usually means that you are trying to get a break from your continuous hectic life. Although that doesn’t mean that you’d give up technology altogether, you do need the essentials like your smartphones or your tablet, in case you have to make an urgent presentation. Now you can’t do much with your devices if you don’t have an internet connection. You need a satellite internet connection to help you with your internet needs. Chances are your vacation home is in a secluded place, away from the rush of the cities, the only high-speed internet connection available in remote areas is a satellite internet connection. Before you make a hasty decision just for the sake of getting connected to any sort of internet connection. You should learn about Satellite internet and how to choose the perfect satellite internet service provider for your Vacation home?

Being connected to the internet is great even if you are on vacation. You can get important work done or you can just chill and watch that funny cat video you wanted to see for so long!

How does Satellite Internet Connection Works?

Satellite broadband providers offer you the internet by sending and receiving signals from a satellite orbiting in the sky to a satellite dish mounted on your roof. Whenever you access the internet to do anything, a signal is sent to the satellite from your dish and the signal comes back in terms of information (web pages, Online Videos) you were looking for. Because the data travels such a long distance the speed is much slower than other internet connections. Satellite internet connection is usually slow no matter which provider you choose.

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Satellite Internet Speeds

You don’t get many speed options for satellite internet connection. There are only two major satellite internet service providers in the USA. The minimum download speed for a satellite internet connection is 3 MBPS. The satellite internet connection is full of lag and jitter. The maximum internet speed you can get on satellite internet is 100 MBPS.

So if you are looking for an internet connection for your gaming needs or for online video streaming then maybe a satellite internet connection is not the best option for your vacation home.

Getting Satellite Internet For Holiday Home

If you want an internet connection for your vacation home, then a satellite internet connection is the only choice you have. So, if you have decided to choose a satellite internet connection then you should know some things.

Satellite internet isn’t limited to location so you can choose any satellite internet provider you want to choose. However, it would be good if you do a little bit of research first. Satellite internet is costly and you don’t get too much data to consume so if you want a satellite internet plan you have to cross-check what every provider is offering in your area. Here’s a list of things you should look out for.

Do You Need an Always-on Service?

How you use the internet makes all the difference, it will help you make the choice when it comes to different plans. If your vacation home is empty most time of the year then you would prefer a short term contract plan rather than going for a long term option. Or if you rent your vacation home then the situation could be different as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of different options:

Always-on Broadband: 

If you can find a bundle plan or package that suits your pockets then a long term plan is your best choice. Even if the property is not in use most time of the year, you’ll still save a lot of money! If you are okay with paying the bills when no one is using the service then you can go forward with a standard plan.

Short term contracts: 

Some satellite internet providers offer you a short term contract as well. You can take advantage of the service where you can just use the service for 30 days. You will have to pay more for the installation and for choosing the one month service. It makes more sense to pay extra for a month rather than paying for the whole year even if you are not using it.

Hibernation Plans: 

Some satellite broadband providers allow you to put satellite service on hold when you are not using the service. So you can use the service for a month and then stop it when you move out. When you move back in, you can simply contact your internet service provider to resume your plan.

Don’t Forget the Peripheral Devices

Once you have made your decision on choosing the ideal satellite internet provider for your vacation home, make sure you pack the devices you’ll use the internet connection on!

Your Smartphone

If you are planning to bring only one device then your smartphone is the right choice. Even if you can’t get a signal by your mobile network, you can use the satellite internet connection to connect to the satellite internet connection.

A Wireless Router

You wouldn’t want to stay connected to wire all the time you are on vacation. You should bring a wireless router to access wireless network connectivity. As you research on wireless routers keep in mind that routers are different and all of them hold different wireless connectivity strengths.

Is Satellite Broadband Right for Your Vacation Home?

Satellite broadband connection is definitely slow but it is the only connection that can sustain your internet needs for a vacation home. Check, what all the satellite providers have to offer for your internet connection. You can stay disconnected from the outer world while you are on vacation, if not, choose wisely between HughesNet, Viasat, and Exede to stay connected with satellite internet.

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