How to Get Quality Followers on Instagram, Post on Instagram From PC

How to get quality followers on Instagram

Currently, having an Instagram account is practically essential for anyone, especially if you have a business or brand that you want to promote, since it is the fashionable social network among audiences of all ages and its possibilities in terms of Marketing and advertising are virtually limitless. The great asset of this platform is that it allows maintaining if desired, more direct, and personal contact with the audience and potential customers.

The main problem that a modest business can find or anyone who wants to start growing on the social network and dreams of becoming an influencer, is the difficulty it can have to grow in a number of followers, which is not easy at all, mainly because everyone is used to want to grow quickly, which in many cases makes use of “tricks” that are really ineffective and that, although they can make the number of followers grow, they are not really useful as they are not quality followers, that is, they do not interact with the publications or hardly do so.

Once you have an Instagram profile that, for one reason or another, you want to grow in popularity and notoriety, you must take into account a number of key aspects that we will detail below and that will help you when it comes to increasing your Instagram followers.

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Best hours to post on Instagram

how to upload videos to instagram from pchow to upload videos to instagram from pcAn important aspect to get more followers on the well-known social platform is to make the publications at certain times, for which you can make use of different tools for this purpose that is available and that will indicate what are the best hours to publish in the social networks such as Instagram, as is the case, for example, of Metricool, which, based on our activity and interactions, analyzes those hours that are best and worst for us to carry out publications on our social network account, being recommended to continue your instructions so that our photos, videos and stories reach the widest possible audience.

Gain followers naturally

One of the best ways to get followers is by acting on the social network naturally, so you should start by knowing perfectly how this platform works and then seek to grow your number of followers and your community. For this you must take into account these other aspects:

Post valuable content periodically

One of the keys to growing your popularity on the social network, and therefore, your number of followers, is, without a doubt, the generation of content on a regular basis, always trying to publish content that may be interesting and entertaining. to your potential followers

However, the publication of content must be carried out following a strategy and according to an editorial calendar, that is, a calendar in which the type of publications to be carried out are programmed in advance, something fundamental in the field of accounts for commercial purposes.

Find content that is striking and impactful

To stand out within the platform and increase your number of followers, it is important to publish photos or videos that are fun, eye-catching and original, that is, that have a striking effect on those who view it, which can lead to your content being They go viral, which will attract more people to your account, and therefore, increase the chances that these people decide to follow you.

You should keep in mind that both on Instagram and on other social networks, the platform’s algorithm gives more importance to those publications that have received the most likes and comments, that is, those publications that have had the most interaction by users.

Although you should try to make content that is as striking and impressive as possible for users, all of them must be designed taking into account the image you want to show your followers and that is consistent with the line of your personal brand or the company that you are representing.

Link your Instagram posts with Facebook

A little trick or advice to get more followers on Instagram is to link your account on this platform with Facebook, a social network that although it is in decline, is still the main one both in a number of people and entities registered and active in it. .

To link it, you just have to go to the Instagram settings and in  Settings -> Linked Accounts choose  Facebook, which will mean that when you post an image or video on Instagram, you can select if you want to automatically post it to Facebook.

In this way, in the latter, the possibility of «Viewing on Instagram » the content will appear to your followers or friends, taking a link to your publication in it and causing them to follow you, thus increasing your number of followers.

Use popular hashtags

The use of popular labels is essential to reach the widest possible audience, although you should bear in mind that you should not abuse them and that, before placing them, it is recommended that you analyze which are the most used and sought after by users. By adding some of them you will reach more people, who will see your content, and which will increase your chances of growing in a number of followers. Because using good hashtags can get your more followers organically so you don’t need to buy Instagram Followers.

Generate interaction with your community

Responding to the comments of the people who show their opinion in your publications, or commenting on other people’s photographs, even if you are not following them at the moment, will also help you to grow in a number of followers, at the same time that it will allow you to generate interaction, so that they may become interested in following you.

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