Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us are working from home. Achieving office-like productivity from home is next to impossible. As we do not have any professional aids that we usually get at our workplace. One such essential aid is a scanner. But with the help of the best documents scanner apps, we can easily scan our documents.

A document or paper is still a significant part of life, especially in work from the home condition. From coordinating with the clients to sending the emails of conversation, every stage requires a paper. Sharing email to each team member for some important task can be obnoxious. But your cell phone can save you. Let’s find out how?

How To Scan Documents Into PDF?

There are plenty of ways to generate PDFs in a pinch, and a whole lot of apps are claiming to do it best but we need a well-known app that has been trusted by people for its best performance.

Here we will talk about a conventional Google Drive app as a photo to pdf app and a newly launched FlashScan app that has been ranked as one of the best document scanner apps of 2020.

Scanning Documents With Google Drive

Using Google Drive for your scanning solutions is very easy. Users may not need to install it separately as most of the devices come with it. It also syncs your scanned documents with cloud storage.

Check-out the features of this well-known pdf maker for android.

  • Users can lineup documents in the viewfinder and then take its photo. You can accept or reject the photo before importing it.
  • After clearing the distortion app sends the photo to black and white(by default)
  • The auto perspective setting helps easy yet effective scanning results.
  • Once users are happy with scanning, the drive asks you to name the file and to save it.
  • That’s it. That’s how you can make a PDF with Google Drive through your device.

Now, let’s see how you can scan your documents with a FlashScan app.

FlashScan – A Perfect Photo to PDF App For Android

What makes FlashScan a perfect app to convert photos to PDF? Well, this brilliant app offers top-notch features. Apart from that, the after scan treatments given by various professional filters enhances the scan results.

It generates high-resolution scans in no time and frequent app updates keep the app evolving.It is perhaps the only app in the market that generates real-like scanning results with its effective tools. Often a few apps have a blurry and noisy background in their scans. Such scanning results are not considered as up-to-the-mark.

Any photo to PDF app should ideally generate clear, sharp, and high-resolution scans, keeping the background clean. A blurry or noisy background degrades the scanning results and often fails to help us out in professional ways.

Also, the image to PDF converter apps often clubs all the images and converts them into a single PDF file. This is an excellent way to convert your images into PDF files.

How To Scan Document Into PDF On Android With FlashScan?

Scanning is easy with FlashScan. Follow these steps to scan documents with this pdf maker for android.

Step 1: Organize all the documents that you want to scan with FlashScan.

Step 2: Take photos of the document that you want to scan with your mobile device.

Step 3: Crop and adjust by rotating clockwise and anticlockwise and recapture if you are not satisfied with the current click.

Step 4: Apply scan and then use professional filters to enhance scanned results.

Download FlashScan App and successfully convert a photo or document into a PDF.google play badgeAdvantages Of PDF Maker For Android

Being the business-grade PDF maker for Android, FlashScan offers the below-mentioned features.

  • Every document is scan-able with it. It is an expert pocket-sized professional scanner.
  • FlashScan offers a complete scanning solution. It also scans BarCode and QR codes accurately.
  • This app comes with in-built OCR. It is a perfect text extractor. Users can save such recognized text as a plain text or a text file.
  • It also helps to translate such converted text from English to other languages.
  • Various filters such as Grey Mode, Original, Magic Color, Black and white 1 &2 can add special effects to the scanned results.
  • Users can rescan, save, share delete, and rename files and folders.
  • It declutters your device with Sort By feature. You can sort your documents and keep them categorized in the folder.

Use the FlashScan to convert documents or photos to PDF now!

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