How to improve your eCommerce with Marketing Automation

How to improve your eCommerce with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation: what it is and how it can improve the capabilities of your e-commerce.

That’s is the topic we will discuss today, but I will not do it classically. I won’t use big English words to impress you. I want you to understand what we are talking about and how it can seriously improve your online business and your life as well.

Most of those who have a real shop also have an online shop. You know why, considering that now the online business is what wins over everything and everyone. 

Are you fully aware of how much work e-commerce requires?

I ask you this because many entrepreneurs have no idea, and that’s why they go from a consultant to an agency all the time. The reason? It is a world that the offline entrepreneur does not know and does not even really want to know.

The goal of an entrepreneur is to earn from the investment he has made.

For convenience, I will use  to give a correct definition of marketing automation (MA), then we will go into the heart of the discussion in my way.

It allows small and large organizations to obtain greater effectiveness, control, and measurement of digital marketing activities for demand generation and customer engagement. Engagement, from the English “involvement,” is a term that indicates the level of involvement of users concerning a company or brand, often used in the Social Media Marketing field. There is (to convert new contacts into real business customers, faster and with greater production efficiency).

In straightforward words, marketing automation is the “robot. In computer science, a robot (or simply “bot”) is a set of coded commands or instructions that indicate to a mechanical device and system.”Virtual” allows you to program, update, relate and produce lead. Often translated as “contact,” a lead is an individual or company who has shown interest by sharing contact information, such as email address, telephone number … – contacts – automatically.

Tips to improve the potential of your e-commerce with MA

The reasoning of those who open an online store is usually the following:

“Everyone does it, I do it too I don’t want to be left behind.”

When they realize that neither the agencies nor the freelancers they rely on are doing the work for them, they think:

“Yes but I don’t want to think. I have other things to do. “

But no. you’re mistaken because 80% of the success of e-commerce depends on you. It’s exactly like a real shop: to make everything work, you have to be the first to work.

Photos, product descriptions, quantity updates. These are just three of the steps you should take, mainly if you rely on others. And then, there is the whole other part relating to contact with the customer, customer care management, email marketing – pre and post-purchase – to social programming.

Winning e-commerce is made up of a set of marketing actions, constantly interconnected with each other.

In this sense, marketing automation can make the task much easier for you, as it automates processes that you would otherwise have to do on your own.

Example of everything that should do:

  1. I collect data from the potential consumer who arrives on my site;
  2. I analyze your buying behavior;
  3. I analyze the market based on seasonality;
  4. Study a strategy SEO (search engine optimization): the set of strategies and practices to position websites or web pages in the organic results of the engines and content to push the categories of the most-visited products;
  5. I create a social strategy to support the sale of products;
  6. I structure an email marketing strategy to retain the customer who has already purchased;
  7. I keep in touch with those who have visited the site but have no longer purchased through email marketing;
  8. I keep the site updated – products on offer, black Friday, holidays;
  9. I create banners. a banner ad or web banner is an advertisement displayed on a web page. The announcement consists of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or an object …advertising the path of people who have visited the site. If they return to my site, there will be special offers for them.

These nine points can be speeded up and optimized with the help of marketing automation.

It is not enough to sell products for e-commerce to be successful and therefore create loyalty. You have to sell the experience of buying the product, which is a much more complicated aspect.

Pampering the consumer, giving him all the information he needs, following him in the purchase and post-purchase phase: making his shopping experience serene, fluid, and in modules with a few steps.

With automation processes, all of this is possible. Let’s think, for example, of chatbots. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversations. They are also known as digital assistants. Chatbots interpret and process requests. The latter is structured precisely to make conversations with site visitors possible as if the conversation were taking place between two human beings. Instead, it’s a bot programmed by you, responding for you.

The answers to these questions are programmed through automation.

Example one: automatic replies to those who ask for information.


Example two: updating the quantities of products sold.

The aspects that need constant monitoring – as explained in the article – are the following:

  • Order status;
  • Status of shipments;
  • Pre-purchase and post-purchase emails, which usually exceed three as they concern several aspects – from registration to post-purchase;
  • Price update, based on a check of those of the competitor. A competitor is a company in the same sector or a similar sector that offers a similar product or service in economic jargon. Could be.
  • The suggestion of products concerning purchasing behavior;
  • Returns management, probably one of the most complex aspects of customer care;
  • Customer care and, therefore, customer management.

But how do you manage everything, including programming on social networks, with which programs?

  • HubSpot Marketing Automation
  • Ontraport
  • SendinBlue
  • ActiveCampaign
  • A Prospect is a prospect for whom we have contact information and who has been qualified as meeting certain criteria. 
  • Infusionsoft
  • Autopilot
  • Marketo
  • GetResponse
  • Drip
  • Music

Automation allows you to simplify those repetitive, tedious, but fundamental processes that you would otherwise have to do independently.

If you want to improve the capabilities of your e-commerce, marketing automation is the place to start.

Let’s take an example from offline: Zara and the automation of its success.

The examples related to our everyday life are always the most effective, so I’m going to propose one related to the physical stores of Zara.

What is it that unites all the shops of the brand? A Brand is an identification symbol, trademark, logo, name, word, and phrase that companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination …? What makes them instantly recognizable?

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Schemes, or rather offline automation.

  1. The shop assistants are always dressed all in black;
  2. All the shops in Zara are always full of light;
  3. All the stores in Zara sort the departments according to styles;
  4. All Zara stores always have loud music -creation of the shopping experience;
  5. The shop’s design style is always the same: large windows and little furniture;
  6. You can always find Zara dressing rooms immediately;
  7. There are never empty wards;
  8. The collections are updated every week and are usually always studied according to the style of the city. What you find in a store in Milan, you cannot find it in Rome;
  9. At the checkout, you never waste time, even if there are lines of kilometers.

Have you ever noticed these aspects when you enter a store of the brand? Zara is a clothing chain, so focusing on the recognizability of its stores is essential. Of course, collections can change, but the basic style is always the same.

Their policy is made of an automated scheme which must always be the same, otherwise – also given the large number of products they sell and the number of people who buy from Zara – they would get lost if they thought as a small shop.

There are only small notes in the margin that makes the difference, but it is the “repetition” of actions constantly and carefully, which builds customer loyalty. You go to Zara because you know their policy of price. Price is the amount of money required for a product or service. In a broad sense, the price is the sum of all …, you do not expect to find haute couture clothes, but to solve the problem of what to wear on Saturday night at the company dinner, without spending a fortune.

As you can see, the concept of “automation” is much older than what we see online. We arrived at a digital e-commerce solution, starting from winning reasoning already present in the offline business. Only software is required online.

The “synonyms” of the word safety in everyday life are precisely the repeated actions, programs, and schemes. For example, suppose a person visits your online shop. In that case, they want to be sure that everything is always up to date, that there is always someone to talk to, that the “departments” of your site are always structured in a specific order and that the purchase process is as simple as possible.

To do this, it takes planning and attention to detail. If you have e-commerce of more than 100 products, paying attention to all the aspects we talked about in this insurance article is quite complex. For this reason, Alzheimer’s can be of great help to you.

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