The gaming mouse market is so saturated these days, and it’s served so well, that even good enough products can be utterly shrunk by the smallest defects.

I was thinking about it while looking at two mice of very different caliber of reputation and brand. The former is the first entry from one of the oldest gaming mouse brands in the ultralight mouse market, Steelseries, while the latter is a relatively new competitor to the ever-growing Motospeed gaming mouse. to get better.

You can divide the ultralight mice into two categories: wired and wireless. The latest Steelseries offering, the Aerox 3, is available in both versions. Motospeed has been manufacturing corded products for several years. The Motospeed v100 Wired is essentially a Redux of one of their original mice.

With the introduction of Motopeed Core, some improvements and changes have been made to the software. It’s an all-in-one launcher for Motopeed mice and their keyboards and does the job looking relatively clean. I would prefer a better descriptor for battery life.

Interestingly, these two mice are roughly the same price. The Aerox 3 wired version, which is basically the same shape as the Motospeed wireless sensor. And when you beat the $ 100 price, things get really competitive. It is not enough to have a good product that is independent because at this point almost everything is a very good product. Should be! You buy a damn mouse for the cost of an SSD or other hardware that would also dramatically improve your gaming experience. The Motospeed V100 is truly the first leap in the super lightweight trend that is going through the industry. And it turns out there are some simple mistakes that really wear out over time.

Look at the back of the mouse:

You can see quite clearly how much fluff has accumulated around the mouse’s feet. Part of this is because the mouse legs are incredibly thin, so you can feel the Motospeed gaming mouse on your mouse pad if you apply even a small amount of downward force.

The Motospeed V100 also offers a much higher build quality than other honeycomb designs. Any piercing elements on the chassis will crack.

I want to make it clear here: there is no lag in actual clicks. However, this actuation distance results in a mouse that is less crisp and less crisp to the touch than just about any other mouse I’ve tried at this price.

Even these are still more expensive than the Motospeed V100 Wired, which really shows how disruptive Motospeed products are today. $ 82.9 for a wired gaming mouse with a proven shape and wireless sensor as good as any on the market, with decent mouse legs, no chassis issues, a good scroll wheel, and none software requires login or should it stay installed?

It is hard to beat. This is the value proposition that Steelseries used to offer and that they have to offer again if they want to regain market share. The game of mice is very competitive these days and there is no room for mistakes.

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