NEUTRON, When the first Tron film got here out again in 1982, the mild bike scene caught people’s attention. Kids couldn’t get ample of the photographs and the concept of fast-moving bikes developing partitions to block every difference off. Arcade video games had been shortly created and grew to be pretty famous for a yr or so afterward. Then the 2d Tron film remake got here out and took the mild bike thought all the way to a new level. With pc film images having had 30 plus years to get better, the cinema effects have been amazing, and the new mild bikes on display blew everyone’s minds away again.

Now Parker Brothers Concepts has taken lifestyles and imitated art. They have created a real-time, practical Tron-style motorbike that works, and it appears like the actual component too. Granted, it doesn’t depart mild partitions at the back of the automobile as one rides it. But the motorbike itself appears and runs like a real, motorized futuristic bike that a laptop hero would ride.

Mechanically, Parker Brother’s automobile named the NeuTron Bike places out a pinnacle velocity stage of one hundred mph. Further, it makes use of no fuel or combustion engine power. The NeuTron Bike runs absolutely on an electric powered motor system. With a totally charged gadget strolling on a lithium-ion battery pack, the Bike can journey up to eighty miles currently. Oh, and there’s no room for a passenger, the NeuTron Bike is a one-person automobile only. No girlfriends or boyfriends on the returned allowed.



The NeuTron Bike is the subsequent stage in Parker Brothers’ improvement of a futuristic motorcycle. The Lightcycle represented the company’s formerly foray with a combustion engine, particularly a Suzuki twin-V engine to be exact. The gasoline model is already pegging a fee tag of at least $55,000 at retail, so market watchers assume the electric powered bike to hit the vary a moderate bit higher.

Granted, each bike is early entries into what will possibly be the template for futuristic bikes over the subsequent ten to fifteen years. And they virtually don’t have the vary but to tear up a run from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe. But these bikes have seemed to be an experience to be mega fun. At E3 we’re continually amazed at what new thoughts Parker Brothers and different inventors will come up with. Now if we can simply discern out how that electric-powered spark plug works. With our patented Diamond Fire tip, guess we can make it all the way to Reno.

While now not the smash-hit Disney used to be hoping it would be, 2010’s “Tron Legacy” did include a few unforgettable components, along with the iconic Tron Light Cycle. Brimming with futuristic allure, the rapid two-wheeler left luminous trails in its wake as it raced via a digital realm. So wonderful was once the Tron bike that a handful of customized fabricators set about bringing it to life. The most profitable amongst them was once Parker Brothers Concepts, who has no scarcity of extremely good achievements below its belt. The pleasant part? The Tron motorbike new edition is street-legal, baby.



Artist Daniel Simon used to be the visionary at the back of the Tron Light Cycle, and Parker Brothers Concepts used his genuine blueprints when turning delusion into reality. The earliest iterations ran on Suzuki 996cc V-Twin engines, however, they had been quickly accompanied with the aid of an electric-powered model, higher regarded as the Xenon. Available in two, one of a kind versions, the Xenon reportedly charged in three hours and carried out pinnacle speeds of 70 mph. It retailed beginning around 55k, which appears like a first-rate for a real-life NEUTRON bike.

Customer demand has to have matched (or exceeded) grant due to the fact Parker Brothers Concepts didn’t give up at the Xenon. The organization endured to enhance and provide electric-powered Tron motorcycles, which now go by using the title of NEUTRON. The most latest model takes matters up a notch with the aid of way of new A/C induction motors, lithium-ion battery packs, and upgraded bodywork, amongst different things.

Being a NEUTRON bike, the NeuTron facets electroluminescent strips on the rims, aero carbon fiber round the metal chassis, machined parts, and simply an in reality glossy sketch overall. Not solely does it come in various versions, however, plausible proprietors can personalize matters like colors, lighting, thumb-scan ignition, iPad mini digital display, and a button-activated kickstand.


There’s no scarcity of atrocious Hollywood remakes being churned out 12 months after year, on the other hand from time to time revamped films get it right. 2010’s TRON LEGACY was once in a position to make use of cutting-edge computer-generated animation and different outcomes to higher create the world at the beginning laid out in 1982’s TRON. One aspect of the Troniverse that modern-day technological know-how was once in a position to splendidly deliver to existence in Tron Legacy was once the Light Cycle.



After the sizable recognition of 2010’s TRON LEGACY, a handful of outfits tried to produce real-life variations of the movie’s futuristic two-wheelers. One of the stated outfits used to be Parker Brothers Concepts, a Florida-based employer specializing in producing bonkers idea vehicles. The Parker Bro’s customers vary from fortune five hundred businesses trying exchange exhibit show portions to Hollywood productions ordering customized vehicles, to NASA, who in 2017 commissioned the Parker bros to construct the “2030 Mars Rover Concept”.

The Florida-based company’s listing of tasks is fantastically wild, such as a number of wacky motorcycles, together with the Neutron. Which used to be formally recognized as the Xenon. The Parker Brothers had been employed to deliver Daniel Simon (the artist in the back of the film’s “Light Cycles”). Futuristic bike designs to life, and after finishing their work for the production. The brothers used the blueprints from the Light Cycle to create reproduction bikes.

The first replicas have been powered by means of Suzuki 996cc V-Twins. The brothers would later unveil an electric-powered model regarded as the Xenon. The Xenon’s 40,000w electric powered motor was once supplied via an e-scooter purveyor, Evolve. The bike used to be accessible in two exceptional versions; the base mannequin (which started out at $55K) and the “XR”. Charging time used to be reportedly round three hours, and the bike’s top-speed used to be a claimed 70mph.



 More currently Parker Brothers Concepts up to date the model with redesigned bodywork, an increased powertrain, new name; the “Neutron”. The modern-day rendition of the computer facets a 48volt A/C engine. That reportedly makes an equal of 60 horsepower and what I expect is gobs of torque, even though no figures are cited. The gadget additionally boasts lithium-ion batteries and Curtis controllers (programmable with the aid of any laptop) and 2.5” TFT displays. The Neutron is supposedly successful of 80-100 miles on a single cost and speeds of around 100mph.

Wrapped around the electric-powered mill is a metal chassis, protected in high-grade aero carbon fiber bodywork. Electroluminescent strips decorate the bike’s rims, bodywork, and tire cowlings, retaining in line with the Tron aesthetics. An array of machined components are additionally discovered on the Neutron. All of which are scheduled 40/41 aluminum that has been hand polished. Like the Xenon, the Neutron is handy in various versions: the trendy (base model), the Silver, and the Platinum. The latter two characteristics the lights and different bits crucial to be avenue legal. Plus they encompass an upgraded powertrain and some different top-shelf bells and whistles. Some of the candies and add-ons reachable encompass customized hues and lighting. Also thumb-print scan ignition, iPad mini digital display, and a button-activated, electric-powered twin linear actuated kickstand.

The Neutron additionally makes use of a proprietary twin hubless wheel graph with (what PC calls) middle brake caliper science and giant diameter bearings and axles. The hubless wheels are then wrapped in what started out as truck tires that are custom-shaped onto the counter-rotating rims. Parker Brothers Concepts genuinely sells a hubless wheel package for motorcycles. In case you desire your R1 to have a little extra Tron flavor.


According to Parker Brothers Concepts, there’s nonetheless one final NEUTRON motorbike is for sale. If you have serious money to spare.

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