Patients of asthma can have high blood pressure and cholesterol

Many of asthma patients do think that Asthalin inhaler for regular use is enough for the treatment of asthma. However, they are not having the idea that asthma can also be a triggering agent for many other life taking diseases. Life can also be trouble with asthma trigger, but there you will have to wait for the triggers, but when high pressure and cholesterol like ailments comes to you, then your all things will be troubled including your lifestyle and food habits. What are you thinking? Cholesterol and high pressure can be agents for asthma, but how can asthma be an agent for them? Here is an understanding for you in this regards.

Cholesterol and its effect on your bronchi

Cholesterol, genetically part of the steroid family, is a waxy, organic substance found in the serum of the blood and all tissues of the animals. While cholesterol, which spreads across the bloodstream and is synthesized by the liver and many other tissues, is crucial to life; elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood is an extremely dangerous cause of respiratory disease such as asthma. This is because concentrations of cholesterol and other fatty substances present in the blood build up in the inner walls of the blood vessels. These accumulated waxy substances slowly thicken and calcify, ultimately transforming the walls of the vessels into scar tissues. These blood vessels eventually lose their capacity to carry blood gradually. As a result of which oxygen supply is hampered resulting in immense breathing problems and other coronary diseases like asthma; which is a respiratory disease that causes hypersensitivity and airway swelling that leads to coughing, throat tightness, trouble breathing, and panting.
An ‘asthma attack’ is always marked by the onset of these above mentioned obvious symptoms. It is a life-long disease that affects the airways by which the air is transported inside and outside the heart. If a person with asthma comes into contact with one of the triggers of asthma, such as smoke, fume, bacteria, pollen grains, or dust, the airways can respond in a number of ways. While in most cases the muscles surrounding the airway walls get tightened, making the airways narrower, situations arise when the airway lining becomes inflamed and begins to swell. Aside from these occurrences, it is often seen that sticky mucus is produced which narrows the airways and causes trouble while breathing. Asthma can affect people of any age and it is necessary to keep in mind that all asthma sufferers have their diverse collection of causes and symptoms. Thus it has been proven that asthma has many phenotypes and is a heterogeneous disorder. In order to control the deadliness of the disease, doctors always prescribe medicines like Seroflo Inhaler and Asthalin inhaler for regular use.

Effect of hypertension on your lungs

Along with cholesterol, hypertension or high blood pressure too associates with asthma. When asthma and hypertension coexist, the combination deteriorates overall health and raises the risk of death. High blood pressure is, to put it plainly, nothing but excessive pressure or strain in the arteries; responsible for bringing blood from the beating heart to all the body’s tissues and organs. The blood pressure is known to be high if it touches 130/80 mm Hg or higher. Although blood pressure can temporarily increase emotional tension and stress; it must be kept in mind that High blood pressure does not suggest extreme emotional tension. Unlike high blood pressure; low blood pressure may be responsible for maintaining heart safety and reducing the risk of developing any type of cardiovascular disease.

Thus in order to safeguard yourself from getting affect by chronic diseases like asthma; it is necessary to keep your blood pressure as well as cholesterol under control.
Steps that must be followed to keep blood pressure under check include-
– Stop having excess salt intake.
– Stop food that comes in frozen containers to avoid unnecessary fat consumption to keep the body weight under control.
– Avoid frozen meals. This is because frozen foods require huge quantities of salt to protect the food.
– Refrain from taking red meat to avoid saturated fat
– Do not consume processed foods, especially meat of any sort, including ham, chicken
– Do not skip medicine at any cost

In order to keep cholesterol under control, it is necessary to follow the below-laid guidelines-

– Maximize the taking of foods that help in keeping cholesterol under control. Some of these include- wholegrain, beans, nuts, flaxseeds, turmeric, garlic, fish, and yoghurt.
– Eat fruits like apple, pomegranate, and berries.
– Workout daily
– Quit smoking habits
– Avoid cooking with excessive oil
– Replace mustard oil with rice bran or olive oil
– Include vegetables like broccoli, onion, bell pepper in your diet
– Consume liquid that can help reduce cholesterol like green tea which has proven to reduce cholesterol by at least 2-3 %
– Keep body weight under control
– Consult a medical practitioner and take medicine if required

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While it is proven that high blood pressure can cause asthma, it must be noted; on the other hand, that drugs such as Very high corticosteroid dosage; sometimes used to treat asthma, can cause hypertension. Steroids often used to treat asthma can also promote high blood pressure. There are a few occasions like where medications for asthma may cause a problem for people experiencing hypertension. Thus it is proven that the diseases are interconnected. In order to stay healthy; it is necessary to check on each of the symptoms that might result in any of the threatening diseases. Along with high blood pressure and cholesterol, it is advisable to take measures to keep asthma under control by keeping the Asthalin inhaler for regular use.

Hence, you are clear now that asthma is not only going to put some breathing trouble on you. Rather there are endless troubles that asthma can trigger on you, And hence inhaler is not the thing alone that is going to give you aid. Aerocort Inhaler and Asthalin inhaler for regular use are going to help you during the troublesome period, But you must go through some treatments to resolve the issue permanently.

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