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1. Use quality PPCs that have a high volume of traffic. Don’t be silly when trying to save money with low volume traffic PPCs. While the offers for your keywords may be cheaper; It doesn’t matter how cheap the offers are if there is little traffic and your keywords are not searched on any search engines.

2. Know your market. If you’re selling “Thailand vacations. ” do some research to find out what words and phases people planning to travel to Thailand are using in their searches. An excellent tool to aid in this research is Wordtracker. Wordtracker will quickly help you decide which keywords are really worth it.

3. Quality PPCs will have initial offers of one cent to five cents per keyword. It is important to know that approximately 80% of the traffic for any keyword will go to the top three bids. So if you want a lot of traffic to your website, try to rank in the top three. As with real estate location it makes all the difference in results.

4. Set a realistic budget for each search engine. Quality pay-per-click search engines get a lot of traffic, so be prepared for a lot of traffic to your site if you bid for popular keywords.

5. Popular keywords can be expensive, so choose your keywords very carefully. It is better to stay away from keywords that are too general in nature. Therefore, continuing with the example above bidding for the keyword “vacation” would not be wise if you are selling vacation to Thailand. Yes, you would get a lot of traffic; But it would probably be too general and you would spend a lot of money to get bad results. It is almost always a better strategy to bid in phases rather than a general keyword. Therefore, bidding on “vacation to Thailand” would be a much better option than bidding on “vacation”.

If you are selling vacation to Pattaya Thailand, it would be better to bid for “vacation to Pattaya Thailand” than for “vacation to Thailand”. The more keywords you can find that match exactly what you are selling and the more people are looking for the more money you will save (the less money will take you to the top three places) and the better your results will be. to be.

Wordtracker is an excellent tool that can find the keyword phases that are really being searched and you probably never think of doing it alone.

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6. Think about using many keywords instead of a few common ones. The common few will be expensive and they are likely to deliver a lot of misdirected traffic to your website with poor conversion rates (traffic to sales). People search for the most daring things and those who really plan to buy something often search using phrases. With a little effort, you can find phrases that are cheap and will generate highly targeted traffic. The kind that turns into sales.

7. No matter how much traffic leads to a website if you are marketing unfortunate products or services or if you have great products and services but you have an unfortunate website; You are wasting your time and money. Everything must be correct to achieve business success. Make sure your site is “order-ready” before activating your pay-per-click traffic.

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