Android Phone Cleaner Apps

Do you want your Android to always work smoothly? If yes, then you should start taking care of your smartphone from now.

Android devices are the most popular and used smartphones in the world. It allows users to access various features and download different apps to enhance their experience. These are affordable, flexible and easy to access. If taken care regularly, you may use your android device even for a longer period of time.

Most of the Android device slows down or starts lagging due to the accumulated junk files in the phone. Thus, to speed up your android, you need to first clean the clutter and free up the space and memory.

Thankfully, you may do it using a good cleaning app.

A good cleaner app can do wonders to your Android device. It may clean the cache, increase processor speed, optimize device performance and keep your Android phone working for a longer duration. But is it easy to find?

Yes it is.

In this post, we have listed the Top 5 Android Cleaner apps that may speed up your phone and can be used regularly without much thought.

Top 5 Android Apps for Cleaning and Speeding Up Your Smartphone

Here are the 5 Android apps that may boost your Android speed and may enhance your user experience in an instant. Take a look.

1. Advanced Phone Cleaner

Advanced Phone Cleaner is an ultimate cleaning app that helps you to boost your phone speed and memory space. It fastly cleans the RAM and removes the junk files that are cluttering the phone space. One of the interactive features of the Super Phone Cleaner is Notification Cleaner. Through this option, you may not only clean the unnecessary notifications but also mute it till the time you want. Besides this, the app has one tap booster option that boosts your phone by one tap and fasten your phone in no time.

2. Droid Optimizer

With over a million downloads, Droid Optimizer is ranking first in the list. It is a one tap application that instantly clears cache, stops background apps and makes it faster within a few seconds. Here, you may check the current status of your phone and manually clean your device storage. The app also allows you to clean your device automatically using its automated cleaning option. Besides this, you may delete unused apps, disable battery draining features and free up space using this app.

3. Ccleaner

CCleaner is a multifunctional app that wipes cache data from apps, deletes empty folders and removes the unnecessary clutter from the phone. Apart from this,  you may analyze and optimize your storage space through this app. The App manager option of the device allows you to check the apps that consume data, drain your battery and the ones that are installed but not used by you for a longer period of time.

4. Norton Clean

Norton Clean helps you reclaim storage space on your Android with a few clicks. Like other apps it allows you to clean and clear cache and remove junk files from your smartphone. The various features of this app are: Apk File remover, Residual File Remover, Junk Remover, Cache Cleaner etc. Apart from cleaning options, the app gives your access to all your apps that are bloating and restricting your phone to perform well. It identifies the background apps and stops it from draining your phone battery. The Best feature of the app is Memory Optimizer which cleans your device’s memory and helps you to reclaim the space for storing new files, photos and videos.

5. AVG cleaner

Developed by AVG Mobile, this cleaning app includes different options for speeding up your phone such as RAM cleaner, App Remover, Cache Cleaner etc.  In addition to cleaning options, you may stop the battery drainage and make it work for a longer period of time by using the Battery Saver And Optimizer option. This feature helps you to identify and stop the apps that are draining your battery quickly. The best feature of the app is Photo Analyzer through which you may optimize your photo gallery, remove duplicate and bad quality photos and easily clean the photo library within a few seconds.

So, now when you know about the best cleaning apps for your phone. Don’t hold back. Try the apps, use it regularly and make your Android device clean and faster.

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