Toronto Blue Jays, Distiller District, Panorama Lounge, Toronto Island, Canada. There is no better way to see the city of Ontario, Travel, Top Ten, Toronto, Steam Whistle, St. Lawrence Market, Eunice & Dundas, Queen Street, CN Tower, Edge Walk, CN Tower Edge Walk. Feet above! On a clear day, you will see all the way to Niagara Falls. It’s an amazing and an experience you’ll never forget.

Steam Whistle Brewery Travel :

After the edge walk, you will need a drink! The steam whistle moved away from the CN Tower. I like my beer and try to take a brewery tour to all the cities I visit. Stream Whistle My favorite is not only the amazing tasting Pilsner for them, the tour guides are fun, down to earth, and also great storytellers. They make the experience tons of interactive and fun. And unlike most breweries, they don’t let you wait until the end of the tour to give you a beer. Steam Whistle supports local musicians and artists and is an eco-friendly organization. If that’s not enough, the beer is awesome.

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St. Lawrence Market :

Hundreds of different vendors with any scent that your tested bud can imagine. National Geographic named St. Lawrence Market the # 1 food market in the world. Nuff said. Plus it’s a great walk from Strain Street Union Station.

Distillery District :

The oldest part of town, the only Victorian-era pedestrian village has art boutiques, great restaurants and local designer shops and studios. Once an old whiskey distillery, this charming area of ​​town now has one of Canada’s best beers, Mill St. You can visit the brewery or just enjoy a delicious beer and a pair of meals at the restaurant.

Toronto Island:

Take the ferry to Toronto Island, you can rent a kayak or bike, and explore the island, catch a picnic or a mini-golf game. I recommend going to Toronto once in a while to get an amazing skyline view as the sunsets.

Panorama Lounge:

Speaking of great views of the city. Manual life Center at the corner of Blur and Bay Road. Go inside, it looks like a shopping mall at first but trusts me and keep walking back, take the escalator and you will see a sign for the panorama lounge. Then take the elevator to the 51st floor. Cocktails are expensive but it is good to have it while observing the city at night.

Queen Street :

This is a great way to walk and explore. It has great one-off shops and everything from boutiques to stores. You can get some great souvenirs here. I recommend stopping at Putin’s House of Putin for a culinary Canadian classic (fried top with cheese yogurt and hot gravy) they even have a vegan version !!! The legendary Horseshoe Tavern is also on this street where some of the musicians you may have heard; Willie Nelson, Police, The Ramones, Blue Rodeo, The Tragic Hip, Matchbox 20, The Strokes, Billy Talent, The Trus, Brian Adams, and The Rolling Stones. Grab the local Toronto band and discover why we have such a great reputation for indie bands.

Toronto Blue Joyce Baseball Game  :

Rogers Center is located in the right town (locals still call it Skydome). If it’s a very beautiful day, the dome can be heard chanting the mantra “Let’s Go Blue Joyce” under the protected sun, tickets start at just 10 10. Walk down the street in any direction to hang out with the hotdog vendor to get a taste of the world’s best street meat (my humble opinion) after the game. You can travel to the center of Rogers and walk to the right of the baseball diamond. Tour tickets are only 12 12 and tours run from 11:00 – 4:00 p.m. Toronto Blue Joyce, Distillery District, Panorama Lounge, Toronto Island, Canada. Ontario, Travel, Top Ten, Toronto, Steam Whistle, St. Lawrence Market, Jung and Dundas, Queen Street, CN Tower, Edge Walk,

Young and Dundas Square :

Toronto (smaller) version of Times Square. Bright lights, billboards, and naughty people make it so you never climb here. Free concerts and performance art often take place and if it’s a really hot day, you can cool off with a water fountain in the street.

Take a world tour :

Toronto is an incredibly multicultural city. With more than 140 languages ​​and dialects spoken here and more than 30 percent of Toronto residents speaking a language other than English or French at home, it is no surprise that this city has pockets that would hold in their own country. Not that they all accept Luni!


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