Today we are going to look into some of the disappointments of the rumor world when it comes to some castings we heard discussed but that never came to pass. That’s right. We are counting down the top 5 Superhero Casting Rumors We Wish Were Real. And be sure to stick around till the end of this video where I will have some bonus content coming your way. Alright, let’s get counting.

Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman
Despite the fact that Hugh Jackman has said time and time again that Logan was his last film playing Wolverine, the MCU is still holding out for his return. While casting rumors have been circulating in regards to a younger actor stepping in for the role, like Rocket man and Kingsman star, Taren Egerton, it seems that this hasn’t stopped Marvel for continuing to pine after Jackman. There’s also an interesting rumor to help support this that Disney hasn’t disposed of or sold the costumes from Fox Studio’s X-Men, leaving many to speculate this is because they may be thinking of just reusing them and melding the two worlds in some way. Which honestly, I’d kind of be into. There were some good things about the X-Men films that we should maybe hold onto. Jackman potentially being one of them. Though how much it’ll cost to seduce Hugh Jackman back into the franchise is another question. Would you like to see him return as the MCU’s Wolverine?

Dwayne Johnson as Ben Grimm

Dwayne JohnsonWhile Dwayne Johnson is set to play Black Adam in the DCEU now, that hasn’t stopped the rumors from continuing to fly regarding the possibility that we could also eventually see him take on a role in the MCU. Johnson himself has seemed very team DC when it comes to where his comic book publisher loyalties lie. When Shazam broke box office records in regards to the DCEU film franchise and held strong in regards to ticket sales despite both the MCU’s Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame hitting theatres only a few weeks apart from Shazam’s theatrical release date, Johnson celebrated on twitter with a video thanking the fans and poking a little fun at the MCU. But even while poking fun, Johnson went on to also congratulate the Marvel team’s successes as well in the box office, remaining amicable. This amiability and Johnson’s good-nature in regards to most things is what has fans thinking he would make a great Ben Grimm, whenever the MCU decides to welcome the Fantastic Four to the big screen. Though Johnson might not be the best fit depending on how long we end up having to wait and how ingrained and busy he becomes with his DC projects.

Alison Brie as She Hulk

Alison BrieAlison Brie is known for her aptitude as a comedic performer. She is most well known for her role as keener Annie Edison in the television show Community. In fact Brie’s IMDB is filled with credits that showcase that she has a particular penchant for playing funny women on screen who are known for the inability to quit or give up on the things that they believe in. Another role that proved this as well as Alison Brie’s physical prowess was her role as Ruth Wilder in Netflix’s GLOW, a show based off of the real world Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. So we know she can be play funny, smart and strong when it comes to the potential role of Jen Walters but beyond that Brie is also friend and workout pals with another strong female superhero, Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson. In the comic book work, Carol and Jen are also known for being close. Could we see an instance of art mirroring life should this rumor become reality?

Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman

Batman Jake Gyllenhaal

As surprisingly excited as I am for Robert Pattinson to adopt the bat cowl, this is a casting that I feel like we really missed out on for the Batman fandom community. Jake Gyllenhal has always been a fan favorite when it comes to him joining the world of superheroes. This is an actor that people have really wanted to see in tights. When Ben Affleck stepped down for the role there were a few different actors who were rumored to be taking up the role. One of the rumors pointed to Jake. Unfortunately this mostly fueled by fans and less fueled by any actual talks that were happening. And in the end Pattinson won out. You also like your favorite movie on Moviehustle at any time. Fortunately we likely haven’t seen the last Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio in the MCU, so at least we have him as a supervillain, if not hero. Still Jake Gyllenhaal would have definitely made for a very iconic Bruce Wayne and Batman in the DCEU had that magically happened.

Keanu Reeves as Moon Knight

Moon KnightFan-made images helped to give this rumor a big push. However even before that, Keanu Reeves was rumored to be joining the MCU, in some capacity. Kevin Feige had mentioned that he was very much interested in having Reeves play someone in the MCU and that they had talked to Keanu about it. Though Feige expressed that he would be much like to make sure that they find both the right role for Reeves and get the timing right. Keanu Reeves himself has expressed interest especially in regards to the role of Adam Warlock, who we’ll likely be seeing in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. However it’s rumored that the John Wick team and fans are hoping we get to see Reeves as Moon Knight instead. Either way, although this is still just a rumor and nothing is yet confirmed, even if this specific rumor of Reeves playing Moon Knight does not come to fruition, it is very likely we’ll still see him joining the MCU at some point in the future.

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