Any country is considered a developed country based on its economy. Industry or Manufacturing sector is considered the cathedral for any economy to flourish. With industry taking new leaps towards the future, here are few possible top industry trends that can happen in the decade of 2020s.

Robots Taking Humans Job – Top Industry trends

According to Oxford Economistic, Robots may claim 3 million jobs until the year 2030. The growth in the robotics and automation industry till now is exponential, and it’s not going to stop in the next decade. This theory is most in discussion regarding the top industry trends.

16-year graduates have started building automatic labor machines that can cement bricks in low cost and swift manner.

Top industry trends Cemented wall - work done by Robots
Robots used in Cementing Wall

Yes! The rise of the robotics industry indeed gives us benefits in the form of higher efficiency in work and lower financial burdens but this may have considerable drawbacks to our industry as well.

With the industry moving towards robotics and automated lifestyle, low skilled laborers which provide helping hands in day to day tasks for any industry are now considered as burden for industry. A perfect example can be as lockdowns in the whole World due to Corona Virus brings burden on lots of industrialists. They are paying their employees for staying in their homes. With robots coming into the game, a factor can be put to rest any time without thinking of money going to dump. With this thinking, lower gifted laborers will face consequences and their demise may seem to happen in this decade.

This is especially true in the Tool manufacturing industry. Water hardened tool steel is used in the form of knives too large blanking dies. This tool was firstly manufactured from casting to heat treatment to forging to machining. All these processes are now skipped with a single additive manufacturing process. With additive manufacturing in play, lots of employees are now out of skill and possible jobs.

Virtual Assistantships

With technological advancements and new robotic lifestyle have made people hasty in their decisions. Now people with knowledge don’t like to stick to one job. They gain special trades and work for multiple organizations at one single time. The concept of loyalty to a single industry is not obsolete. This is second in growth business to robotics in terms of top industry trends.

Virtual Assistants

It is difficult to truly estimate the growth of this industry. But, if we just consider one single market place of online assistants i.e. He redistributed administrated work of almost 85.6 Billion USD in the year of 2018. The ongoing report suggested this will grow at a rate of 4.4% until 2022.

Now, this is only one marketplace. We have a huge industry of people offering their skills and trades at Fiverr, UpWork, and

This gives us a clear idea that industries are now asking the people of their worth. Why we hire you and give you a salary, food and transport. Now, they prefer the people to continue their work from home if possible. A little reduction in these overhead expenditures can become a great profit in the longer run.

To sum it up, we can estimate lots of administrative tasks of a company like handling websites, social media accounts, flight details, and similar tasks will all be shifted to virtual assistants rather than full time 9-5 employees.

3D Printing – Top Industry trends

3d printing is personally my favorite. This industry has seen growth in plastic and now moving towards metal printing. The adoption of 3d printing in the metal industry will give manufacturing a huge boost.

Although 3d printing is currently being used all around the auto industry for prototyping but proper manufacturing in the field of metal fabrication is still under question.

3d printer in use
3d printer in Use

New technologies like Selective laser sintering, laser beam melting and electron beam melting processes have been developed which can be used to produce complex small to mid-size parts without any external help. With the metal industry in demand right now due to the latest technological innovations, top industry trends have a specific place for this domain. Common metals being three printed are titanium implants, Stainless surgical tools, water hardenable W1 steel, H13 tool steel, and many more.

According to a report published in IDTechEx, metaled printing will observe a huge boost as printer sale is increasing by almost 48%. With continuous material development, 3d printer sales will increase with new materials continuously being included group of materials 3d printed.


Nanotechnology indicated the use of materials having a size in the nanoscale range for daily life use. Nanotechnology has been in research for like 4 decades.

One of the most important jobs for nanotech is to become a virus for all chronic diseases. With nanotechnology, drug-carrying has become easier and it is said that we are near to curing cancer. With nanotechnology, we can also use localized medicine. With localized medicines, we can release drugs only on the organs which are malicious.

With nanotechnology, the goal is to employ molecular machines to build new things with precision and do it safely as possible.


To Sum up all the above trends, we should always consider the possibility of an invention before putting it to use. The facilitation always comes with a cost and that cost must be paid properly to not overburden the poorer people of any country. With these technological inventions mentioned above, Only God knows what we will see in 2030. Hope for the best…

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