3 Respiratory Benefits of Cycling

Recreational cycling is a sport that requires little skill as a beginner. It’s easy to start, but even more fun to get serious. Cycling can improve your cardiovascular health, balance, and especially your respiratory system.

Snippet: Your respiratory system is so important to your body’s health, and cycling can help you make the most of your fitness choices. Here are the best benefits of cycling on your respiratory system.

Lung Health

Cycling is an aerobic activity—a movement that increases the heart rate and requires your respiratory system to work harder. When you move, your body needs to give your blood more oxygen, which is where your lungs come in. As blood moves through, carbon dioxide is exchanged for the fresh oxygen you’ve just breathed in.

Continued exercise increases the ability of your respiratory system. Just like you work out your body’s muscles, your lungs experience “gains” and get stronger and more able to handle the stress of continuous aerobic activity.

Studies have also shown that people who cycle to avoid cars have far less exposure to pollution than those who drive. This means that overall, your lungs will be healthier and more able to recover from workouts.

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Respiratory Health Increases Your Blood Flow Throughout the Body

Your lungs work by oxygenating blood. As we exercise, our heart rate increases, pushing more blood through the lungs to remove carbon dioxide.

Often, as we age there can be a decrease in lung function. By age 65 you may have lost up to a liter of lung capacity!

Activities like cycling, and other aerobic activities, can help you increase your body’s ability to put that oxygen where it belongs. This allows your blood to become more mobile, which increases blood flow to muscles— thus preventing clots.

Endurance Training Benefits Your Overall Health

Isn’t it amazing how you can breathe better even while panting after a heavy workout? That’s because the continued aerobic activity can increase your lung capacity and help the rest of your body. Keep in mind, exercise doesn’t increase your lung function—if you’re still smoking you may not feel the benefits.

Of course, aerobic activity can help you shed a few extra pounds, but it gives you so much more. Your immune system is activated by (surprise!) activity, which is an amazing boon to your respiratory system. Every time you get sick with the flu or a common cold, you run the risk of damaging your lungs.

By choosing cycling, you’re investing in your health. Your body can more easily fight off infection and keep your body healthy.


It’s not hard to feel the benefits of cycling. Even a quick ride to work, or around the park, can contribute to your health. Our 3 respiratory benefits of cycling show that your lung health increases, your blood flow is improved, and you can even prevent blood clots and illness.

Strap on your helmet, hit the pavement, and see an increase in your respiratory function. If you want to learn even more about the benefits of cycling, and how to get started, check out Pedal Lovers.

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