The tread part is the most important component of your car tyres. You can easily recognize this part since only this area of the tyre touches the road surface directly.

The tread may have grooves or it may have a smooth surface. Tyre tread with a smooth surface is common in slick tyres. These Uniroyal Tyres Derby are useful on a racing track. Therefore, racing cars generally have tyres that have a smooth tread pattern.

Racing tyres are highly effective but they are illegal in normal road conditions. Passenger tyres need a grooved pattern on their tread part. A grooved tread pattern saves the passenger tyres on both dry and wet road surfaces. In daily life road conditions, you do not only need performance but we have to consider road safety as well.

Therefore, passenger tyres have grooves, blocks and sipes on their circumference.

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The Legal Tread Depth in the UK

The correct tread limit in the UK is 1.6mm. It means if the tread depth in your tyres is below this limit, you have to change your tyres as soon as possible.

New tyres come with proper tread depth but unfortunately, tread wear takes place in tyres because of several factors. Therefore, tyres wear out over time and finally, they show a smooth surface like slick tyres. A smooth surface of tyres is not favourable for car drivers.

The Perils of Low Tread Depth

Your tyres may face even or uneven tread wear. When the tread depth is near the danger zone, your tyres will become unable to hold the dry or wet roads effectively.

Moreover, your bald tyres will be prone to punctures due to their thinner tread rubber. Similarly, blowouts are also possible to happen due to the thinner wall or rubber.

Thinner tread rubber allows the air to seep out easily. Therefore, you will find bald tyres underinflated often when you check the air pressure.

As you see, there are several negative effects related to low tread depth.

Treadwear takes place in tyres usually due to the following reasons.

Factors That Cause Tread Wear:

Heat and Friction:

Environmental heat is the main enemy of your tyres that damages your tyres. Friction is its best friend that takes place when your tyres run on roads at a high speed.

Speedy Driving:

If you have a hobby to drive your car at a high speed, you have to beware of the bad effects of heat and friction. High speed promotes both heat and friction. Further, these factors degrade the rubber material of your car tyres.


If you do not respect the loading limit of car tyres, they will rubber against the surface to generate more friction. Friction will generate more heat and these two factors will promote tread wear in your tyres.

Harsh Road Conditions:

The nature of friction depends on the nature of the road. If you drive your vehicle on uneven road surfaces, they will create more friction to damage your car tyres at a faster rate.


Even if you do not use your tyres much, tread wear will take place due to the ageing of tread rubber. Chemicals used in tyres wear out due to factors like heat, sunshine, and UV rays. Therefore, you cannot stop the process of tread wear completely.

How to Check the Tread Depth?

You can check the tread depth with the help of the tread wear gauge. Moreover, another simple idea to check the tread depth is using a coin. Place the coin in the tread grooves and observe its head. If you can see the head of the coin easily, your tyres are experiencing tread wear. Another idea for checking the tread depth is looking at the tread wear indicators. These tread wear indicators are visible when your tyres experience balding.

Some Ideas to Avoid Tread Wear

Actually, you cannot stop the rate of wear completely. However, you can reduce the likelihood of tread wear by ensuring the following steps:

First of all, store your tyres in a place where sunlight does not enter easily. Park your car in a sheltered place to avoid sunlight as well.

Check the air pressure in your tyres regularly and keep it at the correct level.

Save your tyres heat and do not increase the speed of your vehicle on harsh road surfaces.

Avoid overloading your vehicle to remove extra pressure from your car tyres.

Use Cheap Tyres Derby only if you do not use them in harsh conditions. Premium tyres have enough endurance against harsh conditions but budget tyres are only for normal daily driving where challenges do not take place.  

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