One of the best ways to sanitize your hands without the need for water and soap is by using a hand sanitizer. You can find a pocket pack hand sanitizer online India easily with just a search. But before buying one for yourself, there are some facts that you should be aware of.

Kills Germs

When people needed to clean their hands they always searched for soap and water. But what if you do not have soap lying around you and can’t find a source for water. This is where having a hand sanitizer comes in handy.

Pocket Pack Hand Sanitizer

If there is no water and soap, that doesn’t mean that you can’t clean your hands at all. Sanitizers are known to kill 99% of the germs.

Kills Germs but Doesn’t Clean

Though hand sanitizers are good for killing germs in your hands, it will not clean your hands if they are visibly dirty. Hands covered with dirt and dust are not ideal for using sanitizers as they make it messy.

It’s better to clean them using soap and water in this case, since they can help clean visible dirt and particles from your hands.

Better than Soap and Water

Since you can physically carry a hand sanitizer in a bottle, it is better than using soap and water in some situations. In scenarios such as touching things on your way to the office or home, using a hand sanitizer is a much better choice than other types of sanitizers.

When visiting a friend or using an elevator, using hand sanitizer before and after can help kill most of the germs in your hands. Finding water and soap might not be possible in most of these cases at all times. And you will just be wasting water if you use it too many times.

If you are in a business where you have to interact with people all the time, it’s better to keep a hand sanitizer pack with yourself all the time, so you can stay protected from potential diseases.

Not All Sanitizers Will Help

You should keep in mind that not all sanitizers are helpful when your aim is to kill germs in your hands. It is recommended by experts to only use hand sanitizers that have more than 60 percent of alcohol present in them.

If you are using a sanitizer that has less than that, you might not be safe from some kind of germs. There are some hand sanitizers that also contain benzalkonium chloride, which might not be much of use since they are as less reliable against bacteria and viruses compared to hand sanitizers that contain over 60 percent of alcohol levels in them.

Technique Matters

Just having a hand sanitizer is not enough, you should also know how to properly use the hand sanitizer on your hands. The best way to properly apply hand sanitizers is to squirt out some in your palm and then apply thoroughly throughout your hands on both sides.

Hand Sanitizer Online India

Make sure you cover all the sides and the spaces in between your fingers as well. You have to keep rubbing the sanitizer until the sanitizer disappears or dries itself out. The whole process should take around 20 to 30 seconds in total.

Don’t use Homemade Sanitizers

If you start searching online, you will probably find a thousand ways you can make your own hand sanitizer at home using different ingredients. In some cases, using a home-made sanitizer leads to burns on hands as well. This is why it’s best to only use Hand sanitizer online India for safety.

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