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Let’s be honest, many times the use we give to our smartphone is unproductive and, therefore, a complete waste of time. Change that bad habit with the general knowledge quiz questions and here are 4 applications for Android that will help you learn something new every day, making good use of your mobile.

DailyArt: the best way to learn about art:

See on your mobile the most beautiful works of art and know the history behind them is what this application proposes. With DailyArt you can be inspired every day by observing the more than 3000 contemporary, classic and modern works of art that it offers you.

Start reading the biographies of your favorite artists, as well as the short stories that explain the history behind the most famous paintings in the world, with this app.

In addition, you can set what time of day you want to receive a notification that reminds you to learn something new about art. It’s never too late to learn about art, so go ahead and download it

Word per day: meet new words every day:

This simple application wakes you up every day, at the time you set, with a new word to learn and expand your knowledge. It is ideal for those looking to expand their vocabulary.

It also has entertaining games that test your knowledge about the words you have already learned. You can also create a list with your favorite words to never forget them, although with this app installed on your mobile it will be difficult for you to do so.

English Visual Vocabulary: improve and expand your English vocabulary:

But if you are looking to expand your vocabulary in English, then English Visual Vocabulary is the application you must install. With this app, it is very easy to learn new words in English as it teaches them through images to memorize them visually.

The app has tests to measure your learning and a progress system that you can check to see how well you are doing.

It should be noted that this application does not require the Internet, so you can practice your English vocabulary whenever you want. Without a doubt, English Visual Vocabulary is one of the best applications to learn English on Android.

TED: Learn by watching interesting and inspiring conferences:

TED conferences are talks on various topics, dictated by outstanding people, who now arrive on your mobile with their official app. In the application you will find more than 2000 talks that will inspire you, will amaze you and, above all, will leave you with valuable teaching.

All the talks are subtitled in different languages, so you have no excuses for not seeing them. In fact, you can download the TED talks that interest you to see them later, even when you don’t have an Internet connection, definitely an ideal app for restless minds.

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