The B2B or business to business industry has its own set of challenges and requirements. Marketing is the key to driving sales in this sector, where large companies need to get information about small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) around them. However, the process needs to be tailored specifically for each channel that you choose. Here are some tips on how can you generate B2B leads.

1. Create seminars in your local area for SMBs:

You have a better chance of reaching out to SMBs if you have someone in your team who is based in the same geographical location as them. For example, if there are 10 potential customers, try having seminar with one rep per customer in different time slots so that they can come to the seminar on a one-one basis.

2. Phone calls:

Press releases on your website not only help you generate B2B leads, but also rank higher for keywords that are relevant to your industry, which can drive more traffic to your site. This is because these articles naturally include the keyword phrases that people search for when they use Google search engine or other search engines of choice. A call tracking program will allow you to track all phone calls from anywhere in the world and have them directed automatically to the person who needs it most depending on schedule, availability etc.

3. Host webinars:

Webinars provide an opportunity for customers and prospects across various locations and time zones to tune into a live event where they can get the information they need. The website for this kind of marketing should be simple and easy to use, which allows visitors to access video content without having to be distracted by unnecessary images and text.

4. Webcasts:

This is similar to webinars, but allows participants from multiple locations and time zones to tune into a live event where slides and other visual aids can be used while videos are playing on screen simultaneously. The website for webcasts should be built in such a way that it automatically detects location and sets the time zone based on IP address so that live events start at an appropriate hour across all venues. This is especially important if your seminars or webinars are being recorded well since you don’t want viewers from different countries to have to watch the replay at off times. A webcast marketing website should also include a chatroom where you can interact with live participants along with a number of other features that make it easy for viewers to learn about your products and services.

5. Mobile marketing directory:

A directory specifically crafted for mobile devices is an excellent place to generate B2B leads. You need to include location based information, images, videos and call tracking in your website so that potential customers are able to easily find what they are looking for meltblown buyer when they access via their smartphones or tablet computers . Furthermore, this saves time since people don’t have to search through irrelevant listings for companies outside of their geographical location.

6. Use Facebook ads:

If there are any specific products or services that you would like to show only to the people in your local area, then create ads on Facebook which target those people based on their geographical location. These users will only see your advertisements if they are within a certain radius of you. This lets you direct your marketing dollars towards getting better coverage to the right customers instead of spending money giving exposure to potential leads who aren’t really interested in what you have to offer.

7. Increase blog content:

Create and publish more articles about topics and issues that affect businesses and individuals specifically in your region. Ensure that these articles include keywords and phrases which relate specifically to the type of business that would be most interested depending on its size i.e., small, medium or large. A call tracking system will integrate with your website so that you can track phone calls from leads who land on your site after reading your articles and receiving a link to them via email or social media.

8. Use Twitter ads:

Target specific groups of users using location based targeting features in Twitter ads, which also allows you to deliver the posts only within a certain radius of you just like Facebook ads. You can include images and videos along with other forms of rich media content to produce interesting promotions that people will want to share, thus generating leads for you. Furthermore, each Tweet has its own unique URL which redirects back to the landing page where potential customers first clicked on the ad campaign. This way it’s easy for you to track the number of leads that you get from sharing Tweets through social media.

9. Use channel pages:

Create specific channel pages on YouTube and your blog which are optimized for user convenience. You can add a list of predefined videos to such pages so they can be accessed easily without having to search for them one by one. Furthermore, each video should link back to the landing page where potential customers land after watching it in order to keep track of how many leads you’ve generated from this activity via your website analytics system (a call tracking solution will let you do this).

10. Add clickable QR codes:

You can increase traffic to your site and generate B2B leads by creating QR codes which when scanned will take people directly to your site. This way, your mobile marketing directory can be a powerful lead generation tool in a number of different ways. First, you will only show the mobile directory to people who are in your local area and have a QR code scanner app on their phone which is installed from an app store. Second, having images and videos in the mobile add enable viewers to see what they’re getting into before clicking through. Third, you can track how many leads you get from this activity via call tracking software that uses unique QR codes when generating each lead.

11. Use social media:

You should use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter when trying to generate B2B leads. Create a business page for your organization so that you can post images, texts and videos that will be shown to people in a certain radius around your location. You will also have the option of adding posts which are only shown to users who match specific categories such as age, gender or sexual preferences. This way, your business page will boost local visibility, while also enhancing lead generation capabilities by showing ads only to people who are within a certain geographical range of your business.

12. Use mobile apps:

You can promote your organization through mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, thus reaching out to customers wherever they might be (in fact an increasing number of them spend their time on mobile devices). Using Apple’s iBeacon service you can send customized alerts about special offers and new products directly to people’s phones. This way, your app will make an impression on potential customers, while also improving communication between you and them via call tracking software.

13. Run contests:

Run special contests where the prize is a free entry to an event or perhaps some other reward that people would really appreciate having. Make sure that you choose a contest platform which can track leads by using unique promotion codes for each entrant. A universal lead capture solution that integrates with all major social media platforms can be used to keep track of these types of giveaways.

14. Use PPC ads:

You should use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns when trying to generate B2B leads so that you don’t have to feel limited in your choice of keywords. You should make sure that your PPC ads are geo-targeted according to the location of your target audience. Thus, if you wish to reach out to potential customers who are in a specific city or part of town, don’t hesitate to choose this option.

15. Use email marketing:

You can use opt-in email campaigns when trying to generate B2B leads by offering them special discounts and other rewards for subscribing. Adding social media widgets that link back to the sign up page will help you track how many people have registered for your newsletter via call tracking softwar. It’s also worth adding information about upcoming events so that people feel like they’re getting something extra for signing up.

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