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Well, we are in the most competitive digital age so, holding your business back 10-15 years ago where people were promoting their business through word of mouth or distributing flyers that don’t make any sense now.

Nowadays, only you need to have some technical skills to promote small businesses at a little cost, even sometimes for free. 

For small business owners, it’s next to impossible to afford television ads for their products or services promotion.

In this article, I am going to explain the five simple ways to promote your small business right away so that your business will get an initial boost.

Do Local SEO

The first and foremost step for your new business is to create business pages on google and Facebook.

Then start doing some local SEO for those pages to rank higher on search engines so that your potential customers can reach your business. 

Optimize your business page descriptions for both Facebook as well as for Google. Do a little bit of keyword research and implement it in the description of your pages.

Add the proper location of your business in those pages and try to achieve some reviews from your existing customers (if you have).

Do citations for google my business page so that it will rank faster, and you will start getting leads from the page. 

You can also run ads campaigns for the pages(Facebook as well as GMB) to get extra fast results.

Email campaign to promote small business

You can run email campaigns for your business. To do so, scrape targeted email leads from the internet and send them promotional emails using MailChimp or any other similar email marketing tools.

Remember, don’t overuse this method. I never recommend you to spam others, so follow these rules below to avoid spamming.

a) Be Smart:

Being smart is essential to promote small business especially when you don’t have many resources. Pushing email towards your targeted potential customers is not just enough to convert them into your buying customers. Be smart by writing an eye-catching email subject line. Tell something in the title by understanding the pain points of your target audience. It helps you to increase the open rate of your email campaign.

b) Be Honest:

Put related materials whatever you promise in your title(subject line) of your email. Never trick your audience by putting irrelevant promises in your subject lines. Put the significant points on the above of your body mail. It helps your audience to understand why you have sent them an email.

c) Be Flexible:

Put an unsubscribing option below the email body text so that your audience will trust your honesty. This flexibility will help you to narrow down your email list. 

d) Be a Listener:

Listen to your audience, whether they reply positively or negatively. It helps to build customer loyalty as well as to understand what works and what doesn’t. 

Run SMS Campaign

Running an SMS campaign may cost you a little bit. If you want to grow locally, then this method is effective. 

There are a lot of SMS marketing CRM available in the market, but some are free with limited features, and some are paid. 

If you can spend $50-$100 per month, then you can send almost unlimited SMS with advanced level features.

All you can do is, scrape mobile numbers from the internet, or you can collect from social media by running different surveys.

Add them to your SMS CRM and then push your different offers direct to their mobile phones.

Post Classified Ads

Another most effective promotional method is posting classified ads to different targeted classified sites. 

It’s a free way to get quality leads, so capture a few images of your products and list ads on the classified sites. 

Posting classified ads is easy, but something you should keep in mind when you start that is writing some compelling headlines of your ads an add at least one attractive image that should speak itself about your product or services.

You can take help from an art director to create a copy image, and you can hire a copywriter to write your ad copy.

Run Facebook campaign

You can run the Facebook campaign in two ways, such as free as well as paid. 

In the free method, you can post your ads on different Facebook classified groups, and in the paid way, you will have to pay to run your ads for your targeted audience. 

The paid method costs you $5-$10 per day, but it is far better than the free method.


If you are a small business owner and trying to get some initial leads, then you can reach your goal via five easy and cost-effective ways.

For those who have zero marketing budget, can choose free classified ads posting to market their business initially.

Other than, create business pages on google my business as well as on the Facebook business page.

Do some local SEO for those pages and then run email and SMS campaigns using any best CRM tool.

If you have a little bit of marketing budget, then you should try the Facebook ads campaign.

These were the 5 techniques to promote small business, so apply this technique right and feel free to leave a comment if you have any question

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